5 Tattoo Artists Share their Fave Non-Boring, Original Tattoo Designs

From intricately inked designs combining Goddesses Kali and Durga to Rabari art-inspired ink and glamorous pin-up girls, check out these gorgeous tattoos by Indian artists to inspire you!

Vikas Malani, artist and founder, BodyCanvas Tattoos

“I really love this Rabari art tattoo that I had inked for one of my clients. Not only is Rabari art aesthetically pleasing but it is also an ancient and indigenous art form from Gujarat. I tried to convey a strong blend of tradition and contemporary style through it. The patterns used in the Rabari art allow the artist to experiment with distinct designs. Whenever I see the tattoo it reminds me how diverse and beautiful our country is with a wide array of art forms. In fact, I often showcase this tattoo on international platforms to share the elegance and richness of Indian art forms."

Shyamli Panda, tattoo artist, Devil'z Tattooz

"My most favourite tattoo has to be the Retro Cupcake Pin Up Girl tattoo. I remember when I first started learning how to tattoo I always envisioned specialising in the pin up girl tattoo genre, so, this particular tattoo was a dream come true. I hope to do many more in the time to come. I also appreciate my client's conviction in his idea and his don’t-give-a-damn-attitude towards what’s deemed 'popular' or 'acceptable'."

Micky Malani, artist and co-founder, BodyCanvas Tattoos

“This is one of my favourite designs of all times! It depicts Goddesses Kali and Durga in a contemporary style using geometric patterns and Lord Shiva meditating at their feet. The pattern is created out of triangles that define the connection between Shiva and Shakti. There are many other reasons that it is my favourite! Firstly, my client Priyanka was very encouraging and gave me a lot of creative freedom for this design. It was done at a time when only men would sport a big tattoo and she fearlessly got her entire back. I have been around strong women like my mother and my sister, and so I am happy that I could be a part of such a strong feminist statement. This also gave me a new style to work with and now I am known for creating Indian gods in a contemporary style. I was lucky to get such a story that has now evolved my style of tattooing and given me global recognition."

Amar, tattoo artist, Devil'z Tattooz

"I love this one particularly because it is my original design. I usually do not tattoo my art but this was one fun trip! With details of Shiva on a big marijuana leaf, this tatttoo required a lot of patience and articulation. Also, I loved the placement of it making it one of my favourites, even though it will be unfair to choose just one!"

Sunny, tattoo artist, BodyCanvas Tattoos

“My favourite tattoo, by far, has to be the one I did on a digital creator Abhinav Mathur. He came to me with an idea that resonated with my aesthetics and so, my interest in the project peeked even more! This tattoo symbolizes the spiritual awakening of an individual, where one is in sync with his/her chakras and understands the cosmic way of life. The artwork, if you notice, is mostly line work. I love doing line work as much as I can! That and minimalist aesthetics are my favourite styles, and that’s another reason I am quite fond of this design.”