10 Cute Face Masks to Get Right Now!

A deluge of prints and patterns to embellishments, sequins, and more—we have compiled a treasury of some stunning face masks that you will actually *want* to wear!

It’s now an inseparable part of your #OOTD, so might as well make it cute (besides, functional, of course!). So while a good mask keeps you well-shielded for COVID-19—against all the respiratory droplets from coughing, sneezing, even talking, etc—it also doubles as a stylish accessory in the current times, a worthy appendage to your outfit. And in this shifting fashion-landscape courtesy of the pandemic, many a designer and label, across the spectrum, have rerouted their energies to (and getting kinda amazing at!) creating unique, fun masks. High-fashion to match their couture collections, or philosophical to reflect your #mood, or just bad*ss-cheeky to lighten things up with some witty humour, from embellished and sequined to embroidered, printed, patterned and more—there’s a deluge of choice! And something for everyone (although, you don’t have a choice there, really—wearing one is non-negotiable, peeps!). But don’t worry—we have compiled a treasury of some of gorgeous face masks for your here, that you’ll actually want to wear. No Kidding. Just make sure these bbs sit snug on your face, not too loose, not too tight, and cover your nose and mouth comfortably; wash your hands before touching your mask; don’t keep them on dirty surfaces midway while using (there’s a reason mask chains were invented. This!); when removing them, ensure there’s no touching your eyes, nose, and mouth; and wash them after every use (please!!!). So sanitise your hands (again), ladies, and #AddToCart away!

Netflix & Chill Cotton Face Mask Free Size Unisex, Soxytoes, ₹199

This fun piece is made of 100 percent fine-weave cotton, and treated with silver-based, anti-viral infusions. Breathable, it comes with a melt-blown filter which can be reused for about 30 days. And it’s bright red *strikes the gavel*

Pink Bye Designer Face Mask, Merches of Fashes, ₹299

Want tell people to stay distanced, but look cute doing it? Say no more, fam! Let this pretty in pink cotton mask do the needful. And it’s three-layered, with a packet to insert filters, to hold the fort well on the virus-front, too.

Be A Gal 3 Ply 100% Cotton Reusable Face Mask, Frying Pun, ₹ 169

’Coz, a) It has beagles lounging all over *doggo heaven*. b) The pun is kinda clever *(bea)gal power* Made of 100% organic cotton, this is “paw-sibly the cutest mask” there as the folks at Frying Pun put it.

People’s Mask, Last Forest, ₹225

This one’s especially for the arsty-craftsy ones amongst us. The brand has tied up with Indian Yards, a small unit in the Nilgiris, to produce these handmade, biodegradable masks that come lined with traditional Toda embroidery (created by the rural women of the community). So, each piece carries a strip of indigenous, artistic genius on it.

Embellished Cotton Face Mask, Haut De Gamme, ₹ 399

Sequinned, for your pleasure! Promising to play your BFF on your plainest of days, pair it with the most frayed of outfits, to have yourself a spangled, new, ready-to-party look…or add more shimmy to them sparkly ones.

Reusable Festive Masks (Pack of 2), True Browns, ₹ 1,999

Boasting zari work, these delicately decorated cover-ups shall take care of your festive needs this season. Lurve the soft, delish pastels! Also, they are breathable (and eco-friendly), so don’t sweat (geddit?) about the heat.

East (Pack of 3), Urth Checkered, ₹ 500

Minimalists, rejoice! Boasting an array of shades, these handmade protection masks are made of 100 percent reused and recycled fabric. Take these out for a spin when you want to be understated but on-song with your style.

Printed Face Armour, Papa Brands, ₹249

You don’t need us to tell you that paisleys are huge ATM. (They are!). And this seven-layered bb is right up there on safety measures, too—made of anti-viral fabric, with 95 Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, splash resistant, and carrying a nose adjustment pin for better fit, to name some.

Women's Brooch Embellished Reusable Face Mask, Masqued, ₹999

The brooch is detachable. So when not done emanating the uber-glam, ‘all-eyes-this-way’vibe, you can take it off to play subtle and yet ooze elegant sophistication! It is available in a number of colours, with brooches varying from butterflies to dragonflies.

Triple Layered Embroidered Cotton Face Mask, Tarasha at Brown Living, ₹250

This eco-friendly cotton mask will go equally well with matching and contrasting colours, to spice up the semi-causal, day outings, when you want keep things low-key glam but catchy.