‘Emily in Paris’ Memes Are Taking Over the Internet!

*Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.* - Does this ring a bell?

While the Netflix hit series has garnered much love and attention, it's also witnessing it's share of hate and backlash from the audience. Be it Emily's 'fashion faux pas' or her betraying Camille by breaking the oh-so-gospel #girlcode, netizens didn't shy away from expressing their harsh views on social media. Here are some of the internet-breaking tweets and memes that will sure trigger a bout of laughter and will make you wonder whether Lily Collins was really the Emily that deserved to be in Paris after all...

"me after watching one episode of #EmilyInParis"

"Emily in Paris on her way to post croissant pics to Instagram and tell her waiter she doesn't speak French"