15 Face Mask Accesories to Make Masking Fuss-Free and Comfortable

From chains that keep your face masks in place to extenders and tightening toggles to fix ill-fitting masks and more, check out these face mask accessories to keep safe and comfortable.

20 Face Mask Accesories to Make Masking Fuss-Free and Comfortable

Face Shield Masks For Travellers

Wearing a face-shield with a mask can be cumbersome. This option merges the goodness of both without messing your hair too! Rs 240.96, firstcry.com

To keeps masks in place

It is important to avoid contact with eyes and nose as much you can when wearing a mask. A face chain helps you keep the mask centred and with yourself instead of misplacing it. Bonus, it also doubles up as a cool accessory! Rs 888 (approx), Etsy.com

Rs 1,100, lavanyaec.com

Rs 1,650, atticsalt.in

Studded mask: Rs 499, face chain: Rs 360, back_in_bombay/Instagram

Rs 3,499, orionzjewels.com

Face mask extenders to ease ear irritation

Getting strap burns on your ears? Use extenders to avoid irritation and keep the mask in place. Rs 349, amazon.in

Rs 299, gillori.com

Rs 249, gillori.com

Toxin-free laundry to prevent mask-acne

Fragrance and harsh detergents may irritate your sensitive facial skin. So, switch to toxin-free and gentle washes for your reusable face masks to clean after use. Rs 174.99, firstcry.com

Rs 599, mamaearth.in

Mask strap adjusters

Rs 1,818, amazon.in

Rs 245, amazon.in

Anti-foggers for eye glasses

If you wear spectacles, masking is a major issue courtesy the constant fog in your glasses. Invest in a de-fogging spray to tackle the issue. Rs 359, amazon.in

Rs 230, amazon.in

Instant hydrative to prevent mask-acne

You need to swear off makeup as long as you are wearing a mask and make sure to keep your skin hydrated to prevent mask acne. So, look for soothing, nourishing non-comedogenic products with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Rs 1,750, maccaron.in

Rs 1,890, maccaron.in