5 Face Yoga Exercises to Instantly Bring Out Your Inner Glow

Vibhuti Arora, face yoga expert and founder of House of Beauty shows you exactly how to exercise your way to gorgeous, glowing skin!

Face yoga refers to the science of exercising and training your facial muscles in a way that they get stimulated and receive accelerated blood flow. This thereby ensures a young, youthful appearance, reversing the process of ageing. Exercising the facial muscles also helps drain stagnant lymphatic fluid, which typically tends to hold stress and tension and can be one of the leading causes for ageing of the skin. Releasing this built-up stress and muscle tension eases the facial muscles and helps your face glow, like never before!

HA Breath Oxygenation (signature House of Beauty exercise)

When exhausted, we tend to sit down and relax, as we sigh with the 'Ha' (relaxing breath). The same 'Ha' breathe is vital to face yoga as it signals the brain to relax the mind and face muscles. It’s really all about setting aside some time to pay close attention to your breathing. Directions: Step 1: Relax your neck and shoulders. Step 2: While keeping your mouth closed, inhale slowly through your nose for 2 counts and lift your head and straighten your back. Step 3: Exhale slowly by blowing air through your pursed lips for a count of 4. Relax your body loose and say “Haaaaa” while exhaling. Such focused deep breathing de-stresses your forehead muscles and relaxes the face through increased oxygenation.

Face Muscle Relaxer (signature House of Beauty exercise)

Designed to combat the process of accelerated ageing, this exercise helps smoothen fine lines, lifts the skin around your eyes, tones your cheeks and tightens your neck. Step 1: Place both your palms on your temples. Step 2: Push your palms up and back to lift the sides of your face. Step 3: Hold for 5 seconds and repeat two more times. This advanced yoga exercise effectively engages your entire face. It serves the benefits of toning, defining, and activating both the cheek as well as the other lower regions of the face. As you stretch, you should feel a slight burn on the corners of your mouth and cheek — the kind of burn you experience during an intense workout.

Lioness Face Exercise (Starting Position)

The Lioness Face exercise works to improve facial sagging and wrinkles around the nose, eyes and mouth. It also immediately provides oxygenation to your face for an instant glow. Step 1: Take a deep breathe by joining your fist together to create more pressure. Step 2: Now release your breathe with the pressure. Step 3: While releasing, open your mouth and eyes wide and stretch your tongue out. Relax. This exercise primarily helps in smoothing the texture of your skin.

Lioness Face Exercise (Movement)

Snake Face Exercise (Starting Position)

The Snake Face exercise, also known as a feature-balancer and skin enhancer exercise, helps correct droopy eyes and eyebrows. Step 1: Stretch the centre of your forehead and temple with the fingers of your opposite hand. Step 2: Look down in the opposite direction and stick out your tongue. Step 3: Exhale and repeat 3-5 times. This exercise will help you get rid of any stubborn face lines and saggy skin around the eyes, along with overall brightening of the skin.

Snake Face Exercise (Movement)

Forehead Line Relaxation

Step 1: Place both your hands on your forehead, facing inwards. Spread all fingers out between the eyebrows and the hairline. Step 2: Gently sweep the fingers outwards across the forehead, applying light pressure to tighten your skin. Step 3: Relax and repeat 10 times, then switch to temple lift. Step 4: Place both your palms on your temples. Step 5: Push your palms up and back to lift the sides of your face. Step 6: Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 2 more times. This exercise works on drooping eyelids, crow’s feet, eye bags and puffiness. An effective alternative to face fillers and mid-face lifts, it actively works to remove brow-lines and lines from your forehead.