20 Most Popular Floral Tattoo Designs You'll See Everywhere in 2021

With so many different varieties of flower to choose from, what is the most popular flower tattoo people are getting inked? Artist Lokesh Verma, among the top 10 tattoo artists in the world, shares flower designs that look the best!

A red rose that reminds you of your grandmother's garden or fragrant Jasmine blooms that emit your favourite scent, flowers have a special place in everyone's heart. And, they also make for a great tattoo design. According to a study by Flowercard UK, rose, lotus and peonies are the most popular design choices for body art seekers. Meanwhile, dainty pansy, gladiolus and sweet peas are the least-tattooed flower choices! Scroll down to see more of the flowers that made it to their list. So, we spoke to Delhi-based artist Lokesh Verma, the founder of Devil'z Tattooz Studio to know EVERYTHING you need to pick the perfect flower for your tattoo design. Image: Pallavi Singh (Instagram/That Delhi Girl), Body art: BodyCanvas Tattoos

20 Most Popular Floral Tattoo Designs You'll See Everywhere in 2021

1. Rose

"Rose is one of the most asked designs because it has many meanings which people can relate with. A rose represents love but it can also mean passion or balance. There are many types of roses and each of them represents something different. A white rose can denote innocence or purity whereas a yellow rose represents friendship or joy. On top of that, rose is a pretty flower and looks great as a tattoo so that's why it is such a popular design," says Lokesh Verma, founder of Devil'z Tattooz Studio.

3. Peony

5. Poppy

6. Chrysanthemum

10. Hibiscus

11. Lavender

13. Iris

16. Forget me not

19. Carnation

Least popular...

Meanwhile, oh-so-pretty and fragrant sweet pea seemed to be rather low on everyone's design list.

So, was the very vibrant pansies.

Lokesh says, "I think that all the flowers are equally beautiful but maybe they aren't popular because of the complexity of the colour pattern in such a small area and the tattoo that is needed to be done in a bigger size."

Expert tip:

He adds, "The best way for a tattoo to stand out is first and foremost it should be made well! Secondly, you can use colours or shades to make a tattoo stand out. Also, you can experiment with colours. You can choose a rose design in any colour even if that colour doesn't even exist in nature! You just have to make a well-saturated tattoo."