6 Moves You Can Do From a Chair to Get Your Best Butt Ever 

You can now tone your butt and thighs anywhere, anytime

If you worried over what all that sitting and working from home has done to your butt and thighs, then here’s a bit of good news. No, you don’t have to hit the gym, all you need is a chair to get your best butt ever. The upside is now you can workout anywhere and anytime. Vesna Jacob, holistic fitness guru, Pilates expert and author, says, “Exercising doesn’t have to require a lot of space. One can get a great workout using a simple office (or just about any) chair.” Here are few exercises suggested by Vesna to tone your glutes and thighs using a chair.

Mini Squats

"Try getting off the chair but in such way where you still stay really close to the seat and do mini squats for count of 10."

Single Leg Stretches

"Place the chair close to the wall and round your back. Stretch one leg and put it gently against the wall or on the sofa, but be careful not to push with that leg as you can topple over. Also if a chair has wheels, lock them. Pull another leg to the chest and exhale. Repeat 10 times each side."


"Place one leg on the floor, with another one on the chair and do as deep lunges as your strength allows you. Repeat 10 on the other side as well."

Side Lunges

This is a great exercise for glutes. Stand to the side of the chair and place your foot on the chair. When going down keep pushing the bottom as far back as possible. That way knee will not cross the foot in the end. Do 10 and change sides.

Kneeling Side Lifts

"Place your inner thigh on the chair with hands in front of you. Start lifting the top leg just few inches of the seat. Repeat 10 times."

Inner Thigh Lifts

"This is great not only for your arm strength but also for your inner thighs. in case you have any neck and/or shoulder issues be careful with arm positioning. The key is to support your entire body on your inner thigh and arm while moving lower leg up and down. Repeat 10 times."


"Lie down on the back with feet on the chair. You may wish to place the chair against the wall to prevent it from sliding away. As you exhale lift your bottom all the way up. Exhale while going up. Repeat 10 times, then hold for count of 10 and do 10 more."