4 Easy Food Rules to Follow if You Just CANNOT Stick to a Diet

Do not skip your meals if you cannot stick to your diet plan. Celebrity fitness and wellness expert Sumaya Dalmia shares how you can get fitter without 'dieting'.

It is time to set yourself some sustainable health goals if the excess weight is taking a toll on your health and self-esteem. Getting in the best shape of your life is all about having a fitness regime that you can adhere to without feeling guilty when you have a cheat day.

Expert speak:

“With social media influencing the millennials, general body awareness is making them more conscious towards correct health choices. I don't advocate diets but eating nutritionally conscious food with almost no packaged foods in your meals should do the trick if you are not that active,” says Sumaya Dalmia, celebrity fitness and wellness expert.

While getting fit is not only about burning the calories having a healthy meal plan and a decent level of activity is a good place to start. Just start taking the stairs, y’all! So, here are Sumaya’s cardinal dietary rules if your activity levels are on the down-low:

“Eating nothing out of a packet”

While processed, packaged food may be convenient to just reheat and eat, they are so not good for your health. Many of them have large amounts of hidden sodium, fats, and sugar that not only tip the scales in the wrong direction but can also make you sick.

“Limit your fruit intake”

It is recommended not to have more than two servings of fruit in a day in which you can benefit from the nutrients found in fruits without overeating. In a bid to get healthy some of us are prone to eating fruit while excluding other foods, this can lead to potential nutritional deficiencies.

"Eliminate extra sugars"

Switch to low glycemic grains such as quinoa, long grain basmati rice, brown rice etc especially if you are inactive throughout most of the day.

"Eat healthy fats"

Do not be scared of the F word. It is a great idea to snack on healthy fats such as nuts, avocado, raw coconut etc to prevent insulin spikes and maintain healthy hormones.