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2022 Vacation Hotspots That Should Be on Your Must-Visit List

Ladies take this as a sign to go right ahead and plan that long overdue vacay... 

Have you been contemplating as to when you can escape from your daily grind and unwind with your besties or just spend some quality time with bae? Then go right ahead and take your pick from this list of international vacation destinations slated to blow up this year…they offer a range of beautiful landscapes perfect for your ‘gram and a tonne of cultural and culinary experiences, perfect for getting out of the two-year pandemic rut. Be mindful to pick the right time of year to visit a specific region and have a rough list of all the activities you plan to cover, given the duration of your stay. And last but not the least, travel safe, be a responsible tourist, and do not forget your SPF (and please ensure that it is a reef-friendly formula).

Vancouver Island, Canada—this island situated off the pacific coast of Canada is known for its exquisite landscape and vibrant arts community and as seen here, it has these boutique, artisanal spaces nestled by the waterfront.

Florence, Italy—a no-brainer for all you lovers of art and history. Capital of Tuscany region, this city is home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture, including the iconic Duomo cathedral with its unique terracotta-tiled dome.

Bahamas—a tropical paradise consisting of several islands scattered between the Atlantic and Caribbean, it was once a haven for pirates. Today, it is a sure hit with beach lovers and celebs from all over the world. Besides its many luxury resorts, it offers the opportunity to indulge in some fishing, boating, diving, snorkelling, or sailing.

Cyprus—melting pot of Greek and Turkish cultures, this Mediterranean island has many a hidden gems ranging from archaeological sites, Byzantine churches, monasteries, and museums. Case in point: this picturesque church of the Apostle Andrew and all Russian saints located near Episkopeio village.

Edinburgh, Scotland—considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom, we will not blame you for instantly falling for its regal architecture and grandeur. If you can take a stroll along the Royal Mile that links Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse or simply climb your way up to Arthur's Seat or the Salisbury Crags cliffs.

Maldives—ok, fine, we get it…you think this destination has featured so often on the socials of almost all Indian celebs in the past year that it is just too mainstream to pursue anymore. But think again, as its isolated settings and luxurious resorts, fun activities like snorkelling, or more private experiences like sunset dinners and cruises still make for the perfect romantic holiday.

Chile—if you just want to reconnect with your inner wild child and rejuvenate your mind and soul, then this is country you need to explore. With its mesmerising variety of landscapes that range from the dramatic coastlines of Cape Horn to national parks like Torres del Paine, this one is for all you nature babies out there. Don’t miss out on Easter Island, the Valle de la Luna, and the serene Atacama Desert as seen here.

Budapest, Hungary—this city that is one of the most significant metropolises in Eastern Europe with various UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there is a reason why it is called ‘Paris of the East’. We suggest at least spend a week here, as it will just rush by as you explore the Castle Hill, shop at Great Market Hall, relax in the thermal springs, or simply walk along the Danube Promenade.

Crete, Greece—unlike other Greek islands, this one boasts of alluring beaches as well as mountains and it truly personifies leisure. Trust us when we say that if you do not visit here with your special someone, you shall definitely regret it with its Venetian harbors, centuries old fortresses, and quaint seaside villages and taverns, as you can seen here.