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Here’s some matching couples tattoos inspiration

You can be cheesy, adorable, and unique all at once.

Different couples express their love and commitment towards each other in different way—it may be through every day actions, words of affirmations, gifts, and even tattoos. If you are a fan of inking your body, getting matching tattoos as a couple might be a beautiful daily reminder of one another. And if you want to steer away from cheesy or clichéd matching tattoos, we’ve got you covered. Find below a few creative ideas to get a matching tattoo with your boo.

You can opt for a matching word or phrase.

Get a song’s lyrics, quote, or word that encapsulates the essence of your relationship inked.

Get a half and half matching tattoo that looks complete when seen together on your arms, wrist, or fingers.

Be inspired from the things you love to do together.

Look for cute symbols that will remind you of moments you two will always cherish—a walk on the beach, drink glasses and so on.

What could be more adorable than getting matching tattoo rings as a commitment to the forever-kind-of-love?

His and hers tattoos would be a great expression of your love.