10 Proven Ways to Get a Great Night's Sleep

Bounce out of bed as fresh as a daisy ....Disney princess style !

21 March, 2018
10 Proven Ways to Get a Great Night's Sleep

One cannot stress enough on the benefits of getting a good and restful night's sleep . Getting in a solid and restful eight hours comprises can make you alert , productive , improve your mood and memory and even your immunity. Most of us , however tend to spend most of our time worrying about how to make this happen , juggling our hectic lifestyles and squeezing in that one extra episode on Netflix.

Worry no more , we are here to be your very own knights in pyjama armour! Here are ten tried and tested ways to help you get that perfect shut eye night after night , guaranteed !

1. Exercise at least moderately during the week: Exercise , along with improving your general health is also important in improving the quality of your sleep . Around 150 to 200 minutes of exercise in a week will help regulate your sleep cycle , so do remember to take a walk or hit the gym during .

2.Ensure exposure to natural light : From sitting next to a window at work to , spending your lunch time out in the sun , being exposed to natural light can regulate the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates your natural sleep wake cycle and help you get to bed on time .

3.Invest in a good mattress : Buying a good quality mattress at least every ten years can help you get better and more restful sleep as well as prevent neck , shoulder and back problems.

4.Limit your exposure to blue light at night : Blue light which is emitted from computer screens , some indoor lighting and even tablets and mobile phones confuses your body into thinking it's day time , so try and limit exposure a few hours before you sleep for a better night's rest.

5.Cut down on your alcohol intake : A stiff drink might put you to sleep , but it disrupts the quality of your sleep and does not leave you feeling rested. The more you drink , the less restful and regulated your sleep cycle , so try alternating that night cap with a glass of warm milk for better results.

6.Sleep in a cooler room : Sleep makes you drop your body temperature , and a cooler room helps speed up this process. A temperature of about 18.5 degrees was found ideal to a sound and conducive sleep.

7. Drink some cherry juice : Remember that melatonin we spoke about ? Well it seems like cherries contain it in naturally ! Drinking two glasses of tart cherry juice in a day can do wonders for improving your natural sleep cycle, so bottoms up .

8. Keep your feet outside the covers : In continuation of our point of sleeping in a cooler room ,keeping one or both of your feet outside the covers helps to speed up the cooling process of your body leading to a sounder sleep.

9. Eat kiwis at bedtime : Consuming two kiwis an hour before bedtime greatly improves the quality of your sleep . This bedtime super fruit contains a high level of antioxidants , helps promote production of serotonin and aids in a more restful sleep.

10.Listen to soft classical music : A ton of videos can be found on the internet of music to be heard before going to bed or even guided meditation to aid you to fall off to sleep , so listen to some while winding down for bed time for a better and more restful sleep.