20 sexy Instagram captions for that thirst-trap you’ve been wanting to post

That picture definitely demands you to up your caption game.

20 March, 2023
20 sexy Instagram captions for that thirst-trap you’ve been wanting to post

Just got back from a super sunny and sultry beach vacation? Or got glammed up for a night out and made it an excuse to get more than a dozen photos clicked? Good on you! And now that you’re back to the din of your routine, you want to remind yourself and your couple thousand followers of the good times, tan lines, curves, and all. Here’s the thing: there’s absolutely no denying that the photograph you want to post is all things hot, steamy, and sexy, and all you need is an equally sexy and witty caption to go with it to make the post a total hit. Whether you want to go all out-bold, beautiful, and courageous, or stick to the minimal, we’ve got you covered.

Find below a perfect blend of cute, simple, and sexy AF captions to go with your fabulous photographs. 

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? 

Now I’m out here looking like revenge 

Hot girl summer—that lasts forever 

Ice, Ice baby 

Sun’s out, bun’s out 

You can look, but don’t touch 

Made you look 
Sun-kissed skin, so hot, we’ll melt your…(Hail Katy Perry BTW) 

Bringing sexy back and how 

Alexa play Heaven by Julia Michaels 

Caution: contents hot

Turning up the heat on your Instagram feed 

(Adult) fun in the sun 

Come over in 10? 

Hey (with the intention of doing more than just making you look)

99% angel energy, 1%...

DM’s closed, legs open

Out and proud in my s*** era 

The eye candy you didn’t know you needed

Little Miss Bikini obsessed 

Hotter than (fire emoji)