3 Easy Nutritionist-Approved Recipes to Upgrade Your Slice of Bread

Yep, these snacks are ready within minutes! Bonus: they are healthy too...

05 May, 2020
3 Easy Nutritionist-Approved Recipes to Upgrade Your Slice of Bread

Running out of ingredients in your kitchen? Or are you done with all the lockdown cooking? Well, join our delicious carb club!

A breakfast staple, your slice of bread can totally satiate your mid-meals hunger pangs (or even the meal...just saying). According to holistic nutritionist Shikha Mahajan, it is important to keep your body fueled rather than opting for a crash diet to meet your fitness goals.    

"Remember to take cheat meals to keep temptation away. Most people who avoid cheat meals end up bingeing on a lot larger quantity than the cheat meal would have been. In the face of temptation remind yourself that you can have that again, on your next scheduled cheat day," she says. 

Or, you can opt for mid-meal snacks that are just as healthy. So, here are her pick of easy-peasy, no-fuss bread recipes that can be whipped up faster than you can spell H-U-N-G-E-R.

Guacamole toast

guacamole toast

"You can start by making simple guacamole. Just mix half an avocado, chopped tomato, onions and lemon juice. Put this mix on a slice of wholegrain toast and add some baby spinach for a quick sandwich."

Egg and olive toast

egg on toast

"Boil and mash two eggs, add salt and pepper. Put this mix between two slices of wholegrain toasts along with olives, tomato, cucumber and lettuce. Enjoy!"

Mushroom pepper on a toast


"Slice 5-6 mushrooms and stir fry them in a tbsp of butter or olive oil. Add salt and pepper. Then, add 3-4 tbsp of chopped bell peppers, and stir fry for another minute. Add olives and place this mix on wholegrain bread slices. Grill the sandwich till crisp and enjoy!"