5 fitness influencers to help you kickstart your home workout regime

Happy work out!

5 fitness influencers to help you kickstart your home workout regime

Getting into a consistent workout routine can be difficult, especially if you’re stuck in the nine-to-five cycle. And working out on your off days is out of the question because all you want to do is cosy up in bed and endlessly scroll through your phone. Now many of us can relate to this, but the truth is, it’s not the healthiest habit, and eventually, you will need to break out of this cycle. Luckily, there is a way to help you out of this spiral, and the answer is home workouts! 

With home workouts, you don’t have to worry about things like gym equipment or what to wear. All you have to do is get out of bed and start moving (and be consistent). Below, we’ve curated a list of fitness influencers to guide you through your home workout. 

Cat Meffan

If you’re just getting into a workout routine, it’s best to start with something slow like yoga which can help stretch and warm up your muscles without causing excessive strain. Cat Meffan, a yoga instructor and practitioner, offers detailed yoga sessions on her YouTube channel, guiding people through various routines. If you’re in the initial stages of establishing a home workout routine, incorporating yoga can be beneficial in building physical health as well as promoting your mental well-being and focus.

Anna Engelschall

A certified CrossFit coach, Anna Engelschall now runs a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals. She offers various workout routines, catering to different fitness goals such as core workouts, cardio, and more. Her routines are quite easy to follow and many of them don’t require any equipment whatsoever. 

Maddie Lymburner 

If boring workout routines are what keep you from staying consistent, it might be time to check out Maddie Lymburner’s YouTube channel. She compiles fun song-and-dance party workouts set to groovy tunes that add excitement to your dull exercise routines. She also guides viewers through various other home workouts that require minimal effort and no equipment, perfect for beginners looking for a consistent routine.

Juice & Toya 

A fitness-oriented couple, Juice and Toya offer elaborate and intense workout routines tailored to varied levels of fitness, be it beginners or those looking for a more challenging regimen. And if you hate working out alone, you can get a partner or a friend to join you. Apart from workouts, the couple also shares valuable tips on maintaining healthy eating habits and indulging in nutritious choices. 

Nicole McPherson

Pilates is a popular workout routine that needs no introduction. And while it does typically involve using specialised equipment, it is possible to practice it at home without any of it. On her YouTube channel, Nicole McPherson leads her viewers through Pilates routines that are easily accessible, require minimal resources, and are budget-friendly.

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