5 inspiring journals to incorporate into your self-care routine 

Journaling is the best thing you can include in your daily routine!

27 November, 2023
5 inspiring journals to incorporate into your self-care routine 

From managing anxiety and easing our mind to providing clarity and improving sleep quality, journaling seems to help us not lose our sanity trying to keep track of everything that goes on in our lives. 

Backed by scientific evidence, this miraculous answer to our crazy lives is not only timelessly relevant but also easy to incorporate into our lives in a way that suits us best. 

From bullet journaling to dream journaling, daily to-do lists to gratitude journaling and many more—there is definitely a type of journaling out there that is meant for you. 

But first, it’s important to buy yourself a journal that really motivates you to introspect and make it a part of your daily routine.

Cosmopolitan India curates a list of the most inspiring and aesthetic journals you can gift yourself or your loved ones. 

Odd Giraffe Jardin Wellness Journal, ₹1,599

A product of a collaboration between Delhi-based independent fashion label Drawn and Odd Giraffe, this guided wellness journal is the perfect tool through which you can take a few minutes a day to reflect on your mental, physical, and spiritual health. With daily feel-good quotes, 192 unique self-care prompts, and weekly check-ins, this undated journal is truly one of the best in the market. 

Indus People India 366 2024 Daily Planner, ₹1,995

The second edition of this artistic collaboration between Indus People and Mypaperclip, India three sixty six includes 2023, 2024, and 2025 calendars for our hyper-organised beauties along with coloured monthly dividers, illustrations, fact sheets, and activities to keep you calm and organised. This journal is designed to celebrate the beauty and diversity of India, with stunningly designed layouts inspired by twelve distinctly unique cities in India—one for each month. 

Kate Spade My Thoughts Exactly Take Note Extra Large Notebook, ₹2,800

This gorgeous notebook by Kate Spade is bound to unleash your inner feminine goddess as you write to clear your mind, plan your day and manifest your dreams. With the perfectly suited title “my thoughts exactly,” this notebook has 168 lined pages, a leatherette cover, a ribbon bookmark, and an interior pocket to take care of all your journaling needs. 

Humanhood The Day Is What You Make It Daily Journal, ₹899

Supported by over a hundred therapists, this undated daily planner is your calming instrument to set your intentions, list your tasks, reflect, and tap into gratitude to boost your productivity and mindfulness. Available in “dusk” and “sleepy blue” colours, this journal covers a pandora’s box of self-care aspects to keep you sorted.