5 reasons why procrastinating can be a good thing

Active procrastination has its benefits.

24 February, 2024
5 reasons why procrastinating can be a good thing

Have you ever stared at your to-do list, with each item lined in a neon highlighter, reminding you of the burden of the task, and felt a primal urge to...well, keep procrastinating? If so, you're not alone. We've all been a victim of procrastination. Believe me, the endless scrolling, caffeine, and the promise of "just one more episode" is something we've all endured. Deadlines used to be my personal nemesis, sending me into a frenzy of last-minute scrambling and stress-induced coffee binges. But hey, what if I told you that most adults procrastinate on a fairly regular basis? And although it's usually seen as a negative habit, it might not be such a bad thing after all.

Here are five reasons why procrastinating sometimes might actually be a good thing.

Active procrastination makes getting things done easier

While delaying your work isn't ideal, active procrastinators will use that time to knock out other items on their to-do lists—which creates a sense of accomplishment—before they get to the final task at hand. This is unlike passive procrastinators who simply avoid everything, including secondary tasks. While putting off one thing might help you complete others, neglecting everything entirely won't get you anywhere! So if you’re endlessly scrolling through your Instagram, trying to ignore everything on your to-do list, then you’re definitely a passive procrastinator and it’s time to get up and do your work!

Procrastination helps you understand what’s truly meant for you

Have you ever noticed how the tasks you truly care about rarely get pushed aside? We tend to procrastinate on things that lack meaning, passion, or a clear connection to our values. So, when you find yourself dodging tasks, ask yourself if what you're doing really aligns with your goals and values. Purpose and passion can help you overcome the hurdles of procrastination and maybe even realise that you're only procrastinating because you're working on the wrong thing altogether!

Procrastination can make you more creative

Yes, we’re not kidding. While the pressure can lead to avoidance, your subconscious mind is actually working behind the scenes. Even when you're procrastinating, your mind is collating ideas, processing information, and subconsciously prepping you for the challenge of completing a task. So, when you do finally complete the task, you'll be surprised by the creativity and ideas waiting in your head!

The lack of time forces you to do things faster

It's true that procrastinating can sometimes lead to a burst of focused activity. The looming deadline forces you to prioritise and finish the task quickly, making distractions less tempting and teaching you to survive and function well under pressure.

Cross-checking your to-do list gives you a major adrenaline rush!

The sweet rush of adrenaline when you finish a project at the very last minute is irreplaceable! If you’re hooked on the rush you feel when you’ve finally achieved something at the very last minute, don’t deprive yourself of that pleasure.

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