5 reasons why women are swiping left on you

Yes, the problem is you.

5 reasons why women are swiping left on you

If you've ever dabbled in dating apps, you know that creating a profile isn't exactly a walk in the park. It's about choosing the perfect selfie, sharing just the right amount of info—not too much, not too little—to attract potential matches, and crafting witty prompts that aren't overly offensive. Sure, it's a task, but with some thought, you could easily manage to create a decent profile for yourself. That said, not many are able to do so. Women who've ventured into the world of dating apps can attest to this; tired of encountering the same worn-out prompts, be it yet another mention of a guy's favourite football team or the predictable 'Netflix and Chill' date preference.

These uninspired profiles are what prompt many women to swipe left without a second thought. And if you're guilty of falling into this category, it's worth taking a moment to reassess your profile. These tried and tested clichés are a major turn-off and could be the reason women are swiping left on you faster than you can say 'match'. It's time for a profile refresh, and here are the mistakes you could be making. 


Poorly written bios 

When crafting your dating profile, it's crucial to understand that being witty or at least honest about yourself is essential. Your prompts and bio play a significant role in determining whether someone will swipe left or right on you. If your bio simply has "foodie" or "wanderlust," it might be time for an update, as we've moved past these clichés years ago. What women are looking for in your profile is a glimpse of your personality beyond the surface level. One-word bios are simply dull, barely reveal anything about you, and are a recipe for an instant left swipe. 

Too many shirtless pictures 

We know you're more than just shirtless pictures. Having a great physique is a plus, but women appreciate it even more when you show some personality. So, adding multiple shirtless pictures might not be the best idea. Ensure that each of your photos reflects something about yourself. For instance, if you're a cat lover, include a photo with a cat, or if you're a foodie, share a picture of you enjoying your favourite dish.

Not showing your face

Pictures play the most crucial role on dating apps. After all, how else can you form an impression of someone you're talking to? Therefore, it's essential to select pictures where your face is clearly visible. If you consistently wear glasses in most of your pictures or if your face is obscured by a cap, chances are you're getting swiped left on frequently. Take this as a sign and opt for better pictures.

You’re only posing with your friends 

Yes, exclusively choosing pictures with your friends is a major turn-off. We're not saying you shouldn't include them—having one picture is fine—but posting only group photos makes it difficult to recognise you. Besides, they reveal nothing about you or your personality, except for the fact that you love your friends, which, by the way, is something everyone does.

Voice notes can give some women the ick 

Voice notes aren't necessarily bad. But if you record a random song from a music app, make ridiculous noises, or worse, say something that could easily be put into a handful of words, it can be a turn-off. So, if you've included long (read: pointless) voice notes, it's time to either replace them with something meaningful or remove them altogether.

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