5 Whiskeys Well-Suited for Summer Nights in India

Beat the heat with these refreshing whiskeys that won big at the Cosmopolitan India Saturday Night Awards.

By Ananya Jain
18 May, 2022
5 Whiskeys Well-Suited for Summer Nights in India

Traditionally, sipping whiskey evokes images of cold winter nights and a warming finish to a chilly day. However, don't put your whiskey bottles to the back of your bar cart yet. Whiskey can just as well be enjoyed on a sultry summer night, at that magical hour where the sky is skimmed with a fiery sunset glow that would soon disappear to paint it indigo. If you happen to find yourself at a rooftop soiree during one such sweltry summer evening and are looking for something to drink other than, well, a Mojito, there are many popular whiskey-based cocktails to enjoy in the summer, a Mint Julep for one! Or you can just sip on a pour of single malt on the rocks, refreshing whiskey water, or whiskey soda; the options are numerous, really! To help you pick your summer bar preferences, team Cosmo India and our expert jury panel judged hundreds of Indian spirits at the Cosmo SNAs to arrive at a list of fabulous whiskeys suited for warm weather. 

1. Monkey Shoulder

A sweet, fruity aroma, smooth, mellow flavour, and vanilla notes make Monkey Shoulder a versatile and pleasing summer pour. This lighter-bodied whiskey with fresh, fruity notes is perfect for mixing, experimenting, and savouring your favourite cocktail as well. Use mint leaves, orange zest, and cucumber to garnish and create that perfect summer drink.

monkey shoulder

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2. Woodford Reserve

Great cocktails often start with a great bourbon. Silky Smooth with hints of vanilla, orange, mint, cocoa complemented with sweet, aromatic, floral notes makes Woodford Reserve a rounded, flavourful bourbon, the perfect choice to create a light, refreshing drink. Simply mix with soda and garnish with an orange wedge for a classic-yet-stimulating beverage.

Woodford reserve

3. Jameson Original Irish Whisky

A universal blend, the Jameson Original Irish Whisky has a light, floral fragrance and vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry, a smooth, mellow finish and triple distillation. It offers the perfect balance of sweet and nutty notes and is usually a hit at parties and gatherings. Berries, ginger, and lemon juice are some flavours that'll work great with its distinctive smooth taste. 

jameson irish whiskey

4. Glenfiddich 12-year-old

Summer is served with a pour of Glenfiddich 12-year-old whiskey! The distinctive fruitiness of its taste makes it one of the best-selling whiskeys globally, a popular choice for warmer and colder months alike. There are many ways to enjoy a glass of Glenfiddich that complement its delicate flavours. Add a cube of ice or a frozen slice of pear to pair with its sweet, fresh flavours and fruity notes.


5. Johnnie Walker Red Label

Highly versatile, full of character, and bursting with vibrant flavours, Johnnie Walker Red Label has a fruity sweetness to it and a mellow bed of vanilla with a smokey finish. Its well-liked, and refreshing taste makes this blended whiskey a best seller, and it can be served any way you like, on its own, over ice, or with a mixer. 

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Johnnie walker red label