7 artists you should see live at least once in your life

Life is short, go buy those tickets. 

27 June, 2023
7 musicians you should see live at least once in your life

Concerts can be magical. They offer solace amid life’s daily grind, an experience of a lifetime. Concerts are about the people you attend them with, the energy of the live band, and the precious moments. They are about dancing your heart out and singing along at the top of your lungs without a care for the world. While most concerts are amazing, there are some which are a must-see, at least once in your life. Read on. 



We don’t know about you, but since the band’s Music of the Spheres World Tour, our Instagram feeds are brimming with Sky Full of Stars against the eclectic backdrop of vibrant lights and dancing figurines. A Coldplay concert is not just about humming the songs you know, it’s about falling in love with the ones you didn’t, about Chris Martin’s ceaseless energy for three hours, about being in love—with yourself, your partner, with life. Attending a Coldplay concert is definitely the ‘fix’ we need. As luck would have it, Coldplay will be performing across in Tokyo, Bangkok and Singapore in the next few months. You can watch out for updates here. 

AR Rahman 


No matter where you are—at the Wembley Arena in London or the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai—Rahman’s Maa Tujhe Salaam, hits every nerve, each time. An AR Rahman concert is a celebration of a conflation of cultures, languages, forms of music, and musical techniques. Attending his concert is the most goose-bump-invoking experience you will have, and it will also give you an insight into the mind of a musical genius who has composed iconic tracks that put Indian music on the world map. Rahman will be performing in Chennai on August 12 to celebrate his three-decade-long career with thousands of fans. Click here to know more. 

Taylor Swift 


We’re almost certain you’ve watched the clip of Taylor Swift singing Anti-Hero during the Eras Tour that has been making (many) rounds on the Internet, and if that didn’t convince you to attend her concert, we’re not sure what will. A Taylor Swift concert is almost like entering Swift’s world—it’s her space, her fairy-tale land, where she is herself, singing your favourite hits. We’d definitely recommend adding this to your bucket list for a larger-than-life, immersive experience, production value, and most importantly Swift, in her absolute element. Swift also recently announced the upcoming dates for her world tour. See here



We’re beyond awe-struck with the former Destiny’s Child singer’s recent Renaissance World Tour. And there are many reasons why attending her concert should be at the top of your list. For one, she’s Beyoncé and chances like these don’t come along too often. Considered to be one of the greatest entertainers of all time, Beyoncé exudes a dynamic and inviting energy when she performs and engages with the crowds in all that she does. Queen Bey is definitely running the world (IFYKYK). 



In recent years, K-pop has found a growing fan base across the globe for its high-octane music and adorable selves. Their concerts are packed with exciting interactions with fans, uber-cool dance moves, unique props and stages, and so much more. The band offers a magical blend of upbeat pop music and Korean lyrics that everyone will be singing along to at the concert. 

Arijit Singh 


Another concert you do not want to skip is Arijit Singh’s live performance. We don’t know if it’s the all-too-adorable smile, his candid interaction with the audience or his soulful singing that has our hearts, but this is a concert we wouldn’t mind going to twice. From his dance hits to iconic, romantic numbers, Singh takes you through it all, leaving you feeling warm and fuzzy. A pro tip? Attend a concert with your boo for a magical night. Singh will be performing across India in November. Watch out for updates here. 



This forever-favourite trio offers their heart and soul to every concert they perform at. The band was formed nearly three decades ago and continues to compose iconic tracks one can sing along to and dance to. From experimenting with classic ragas to interspersing them with Bollywood tracks, they offer everything the music lover in you yearns for. So, get your best friends together and make this memory for a lifetime to come; we promise you won’t regret it.