7 questions that will help you get to know your partner better

Deepen your bond with your boo!

06 June, 2023
7 questions that will help you get to know your partner better

I know you might be thinking, “I know my partner inside out, I don’t need to know them better!” and while it may be true to some extent, we all have moments and memories in our life that we unknowingly keep to ourselves, or have not thought about them as things that need to be shared with others. And if you’ve not been dating your partner for too long, chances are both of you don’t know a lot about each other. 

So, asking them these questions will not only give you a better understanding of your partner’s life, feelings, and goals, but will also solidify your relationship.

Tell me about a childhood memory you haven’t shared with anyone 

Our childhood shapes us and has a big bearing on our identity and perspectives as an adult. Asking this question to your partner will give you an insight on how their life was as a kid, and sharing a memory they haven’t shared with anyone else will also allow them to be more open and vulnerable with you. 

If you could change one thing about your childhood, what would it be and why?

While we mostly look at our childhood with nostalgia and happy feelings, there are always instances from our formative years that we wish we could change—be it our parents giving us more freedom or hoping we could have been closer to some of our friends. Whatever it may be, discovering this about your partner will definitely make you understand them better. 

What makes you feel most loved?


This is a nice way to get to know their love language because the way you show love and appreciation might not align with how they want to be loved. Through their answer, you could make an effort to make them feel seen in a way they want!

What decision have you made in life that has had the biggest impact?

The choices we make can decide the trajectory of our life, and getting to know about a life-changing decision that had a big impact on your partner’s life will help you get to know them better and give you a peek into their personality, their outlook towards life, and the things that have shaped them. 

What are you hoping to learn in the coming year?

Having a drive to learn is important and healthy, and knowing what your partner’s ambitions are, in either their personal or professional spheres of life, means you’ll be able to show up for them and support their goals. 

What are some of the things you’re most grateful for?


Being grateful about things in your life shows how compassionate you are, and asking this question to your partner will reveal what matters the most to them—is it the small things like kind gestures and the love they get from others? Or it could be more tangible things like their job or a roof above their head. 

What is your favourite thing about yourself?

While chances are you’ve pestered them about their favourite thing about you, asking this will put the spotlight on them, in a good way. Self-love doesn’t come easily to everyone, but this question will definitely prompt them to think about themselves in a kinder and more positive light!