7 signs he's going to give you an STI

The only sick he should make you is love sick.

7 signs he's going to give you an STI

Almost everyone we know practically lives on the internet. We spend at least 16 hours a day on our phones, be it scouting for new trends, reporting the latest dating phenomena, and so on, our scrolling never seems to end.

One day, while navigating this digital labyrinth, we at Cosmopolitan India stumbled upon actor Janhvi Kapoor’s stand-up debut video in collaboration with the Serum Institute of India’s initiative, ‘I Pledge to Prevent’. The actor had us in stitches, but amidst the laughter, she sought some “real” dating advice from us: what are the signs that he might give you an STI? And we're glad to say we have an answer! 

In today’s dating scene, where people often hook up, find themselves in situationships, or avoid commitment altogether before even learning each other’s names, Kapoor's concern is incredibly valid. But before we dive into the signs, understand that this article is meant to be taken with a pinch of salt (but also seriously). P.S. We have no intention of hurting anyone's feelings.

Now, let's get started!

Now, hooking up and having multiple partners is completely a personal choice, and we respect that. However, having multiple partners also puts you at a higher risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI). It’s not just us saying this; your gynaecologist would tell you the same. Plus, you never know if the guy you're seeing is really doing anything to prevent STIs or just aiming in the dark. So, if you do think about hooking up with someone, remember that a condom is the lifeguard that will save you on a sinking ship. 

Here are the signs that he might give you an STI. 

He likes it “raw” 

If he insists on going in raw without any protection, know that it is a bright red flag because chances are he has done this before. This increases his risk of having an STI and also highlights his delusional world where sexual health doesn’t exist. So, if he is pleading to enter you without a condom, then girl, run. 

He smells funny down there

Whether you have sex all the time or not at all, sexual hygiene is important. If someone doesn’t take care of their intimate areas, trust us, there'll be signs, like the funny smell down there. It’s a clear indication that he isn’t prioritising sexual health, in which case we suggest you start looking for the exit door; it’s not worth the trouble. 

He is itchy in all the WRONG PLACES 

Apart from it being an immediate turn-off, him scratching himself down there a little too often, might be a real problem. Of course, we aren’t saying that someone may have an STI just because they feel a little itchy down there; it could signal a minor infection too. Either way, it's best avoided in such cases. 

He is a back-door guy 

The truth is, porn has exaggerated the appeal of 'anal sex' way too much. What you see on your screen is not what happens in reality. Engaging in anal sex requires precautions, as it can be painful and risky. The thin lining of the anus makes it more susceptible to damage and infection, increasing the likelihood of contracting an STI. This makes anal sex riskier in terms of spreading STIs compared to other sexual activities. Therefore, if a guy insists on it, especially in a one-night-stand scenario, take it as a warning sign.

His sheets are layered with dry, old stains like polka dots 

Hygiene is a crucial factor that should never be overlooked. So, if you've made plans to spend the night at his place and the sheets are covered in faded stains, it’s a place you don’t want to be in. You never know who or what has been on those sheets before. Unhygienic surroundings can expose you to infections, so those polka-dot-like sheets should probably make you walk in the opposite direction. 

Use your head while giving him head 

Remember, that is not only penetrative sex that can expose you to the risk of STI, oral sex too can give you an infection. So yes, oral sex is cool and all that. But using protection while doing it is even cooler (and safer). We recommend using either a dental dam or a condom to limit any risk of an STI. And in case he asks you to give him a head without protection, you'd know better than to say yes. 

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