Attention Singles! Here are 10 practices to manifest love in your life

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02 December, 2023
Attention Singles! Here are 10 practices to manifest love in your life

In an era, where the landscape of modern love is constantly changing, finding true love has become more crucial (and difficult) than ever. If you’re tired of swiping on dating apps and sliding into DMs in your search for love, maybe it’s time for you to explore an alternative approach—manifesting.

You probably have seen the word ‘manifestation’  popping everywhere. While it may seem a relatively new ‘it’ thing, it is an age-old practice centred around turning your dreams into tangible reality. Celebrities such as Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Drake, Jim Carrey, and many others have openly spoken about using the practice of manifestation. Even Oprah Winfrey has given a full-fledged masterclass about how to manifest your dreams into reality. But the question is, can you manifest love? We say, yes.

What is manifestation and how can you manifest love in your life?

Manifestation is the practice of working with the universe by setting an intention to turn your aspirational thoughts into reality, though it isn’t as complex as it sounds. It is basically envisioning your dream and working towards it to turn it into reality. It involves the power of your mind, actions, emotions,
and beliefs. By setting the right intention and with focused determination you can manifest anything—your dream job, dream house, dream vacation or the love of your life. Let’s dive into this to understand how you can manifest love in your life.

When it comes to manifesting love, The Law of Attraction is considered to be a powerful technique. It involves aligning your thoughts and emotions with the love you desire to attract. The Law of Attraction says, “You attract what you are”, so before manifesting love in your life, it’s absolutely necessary to love and accept yourself the way you are. Beyond self-acceptance, visualise the kind of love you desire and actively engage in the actions that align with the journey of finding love. 

Let’s explore a few practices that can help you manifest love in your life. 

Get clarity on what you want 

Manifestation works best if you have a clear understanding of what you want and are super specific about it. When manifesting love, take time to reflect on what kind of connection you are currently seeking in your life. Are you looking for a long-term relationship or simply a fling? Or are you just hoping to meet a genuine person and then see where it goes? Be clear. The more specific your desires are, the more likely it will come your way. 

List down the traits of your ideal partner 

Once you are clear on what kind of relationship you’re looking for, feel free to list down the personality traits and preferred physical attributes of your ideal partner. You can also write about how you want them to make you feel in the relationship, what you want your shared values and goals to be and so on. You can take a step further and create a vision board with images that represent your future relationship and place it at eye level near your bed, so it will be the first thing you see every morning or save it as your screen lock to see it more often.

Practice visualisation 

After writing down the specifications of your ideal partner, it’s important to visualise how your life will look like with that person. Meditation will help you get the calmness required for visualisation. Just sit down in a quiet place and close your eyes. Start visualising their image based on the attributes you’ve outlined. Picture the activities you will do together and try to see how happy you are in each other’s company. Visualisation is a powerful tool for attracting what you want in your life.

Act as if you have found love 

Though it may seem odd at first, adopting the mindset that your ideal partner has already manifested in your life will definitely pave the path for love to find its way to you. When you do so, you’re believing you are worthy of love and it’s one of the most powerful self-affirmations. You need to let go of your insecurities and self-doubts about finding love. Make self-affirmations part of your self-care routine as it will help you foster a sense of empowerment and openness to love.

Align it with actions

Merely writing down all the desires and hoping it will materialise without you taking any actions, won’t be of any use as it doesn’t work like that. Alongside visualisation, it’s equally important for you to align your actions. While manifesting love, it’s essential that you put yourself out there, socialise with people, and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Remember, love won’t come knocking at your door solely because you’re manifesting; you need to take proactive steps.

Continuity in the practice 

Manifesting love in your life is a continuous effort and it requires determination to put the right energy into the universe. Patience and consistency are the key elements of manifesting. All you need to do is trust the process and maintain a positive outlook to manifest the love you seek.

Keep an open mind

In order to manifest your ideal partner, you need to keep yourself open to new possibilities and keep an open mind. This way you allow the universe to present unique opportunities that might align with your desires in unexpected ways. This openness to explore diverse options will enhance the potential for meaningful connections.

Practice gratitude 

Being aware of your surroundings and acknowledging all the good and positive things in your life is very important. Be grateful for all the important people in your life and the love you are receiving from them. Thank the universe for sending you your true love (doesn’t matter if that’s yet to happen, just believe that it’s the inevitable reality). Consider journaling three things every day before going to bed; it will help you end the day on a positive note. If you radiate positivity, it will send the higher vibrations into the Universe.

Believe you deserve love

We often spend a lot of time dwelling on negative self-talk, harbouring thoughts like “What if things don’t work out?”, “It’s not going well”, “I’m going to be single forever” and so on. We don’t realise it but these thoughts are draining and often put low energy in the universe, affecting our manifestation. If we devote our energy to thinking positively about ourselves, it will work wonders. The first and foremost step towards manifesting love in your life is self-love and believing you are worthy of love. Let go of past hurtful experiences and open yourself to new and wonderful possibilities.

Surround yourself with love

Always remember, “love attracts more love”. Surround yourself with people, be it your friends or family, who generously show their platonic love for you. Take a moment to express your gratitude for their existence in your life. Also, most importantly, practice self-love. First, be the person you want to be with, this way you will draw closer to the possibility of finding your ideal partner.