Best positions to hit her G-spot

As the 50 Cent song goes, ‘Keep goin' until you hit the spot’.

08 January, 2024
Best positions to hit her G-spot

It’s there, it’s right there—always has been! All you need to know is where to find it or get your partner to show you. The G-spot—located deep inside the vagina—is where the magic lies. And if you aren’t stimulating it, you (your female partner tbh) are missing out.

Where is it?

To begin with, the G-spot isn't really that big. It's a small patch of tissue located at an upward, curved angle inside the vagina near the pubic bone. The best way to find it is to insert one or two fingers inside the vagina, go about two inches in and curl them in a ‘come here’ motion. Your partner's response will surely let you know if you've found the spot. That said, it’s best to insert your fingers slowly and gently at first, and then pick it up as you go. Sometimes, your partner might not feel as stimulated or excited and that is totally normal. Regardless, it is important to talk to your partner and understand what works best for both of you. And if you're willing to experience or indulge your partner in a mind-blowing G-spot orgasm, here are a few positions to try out.


One of the tried and tested ways to stimulate your G-spot is by sitting on top of your partner. This cowgirl-like position allows you, the receiving partner, to control the depth and angle of penetration and move your body accordingly. A handy tip here is to ditch the usual up-and-down motion and instead, grind until you find the right rhythm and angle. This position allows you to experience clitoral stimulation as well. You could modify the position by resting on top of the penetrating partner, instead of sitting up which increases intimacy, with both, eye contact and physical contact.

Another variation is where the receiving partner squats as they have the soles of their feet planted beside you when riding, making their G-spot much more accessible. This position may sound like a tedious workout for the receiving partner, but is well worth the effort for that toe-curling G-spot orgasm.


All you have to do is lie on your side and let the penetrating partner be the big spoon while you bring your knees up and have them enter you from behind. Not only is this position extremely intimate, but it also allows you to enjoy deep, intense, and slow sex with the perfect angle to hit the G-spot. And with both your hands free, you could also stimulate the clitoris. 


The partner with a vagina gets down on all fours and spreads their legs allowing their partner to penetrate them from behind. It allows for deep penetration whilst allowing the penis to thrust directly against the G-spot. The latter can also fondle the receiving partner’s breasts or stimulate their clitoris with their free hand. You could also try out the flat doggy position wherein the receiving partner lies flat on your stomach, while you go deep and stimulate the G-spot as the head of the penis curves towards the inside of the vagina. 


You could try this on a bed or take things up a notch and try it out on a desk or table. You, as the receiving partner, have to drape your legs over the edge, have your partner stand in front of you, lift your legs, crisscross them into an X-shape, and rest your ankles on their shoulders. If you want to go deep, hold onto the edge of the bed, desk, or table and have your partner hold onto your legs. Adding a pillow under the receiving partner’s hips also increases the chance of better G-spot stimulation.