Chair sex positions to try during your next romp session

Who said furniture could only have a singular purpose?

03 January, 2024
Chair sex positions to try during your next romp session

When you picture a sexy, steamy night with your partner, what comes to mind? Chances are, it's the both of you tangled in the sheets, on a cushy bed. Now, there's nothing wrong with doing it on a bed—it's cosy and comfortable. But a bed, too can get a tad monotonous after a while. That is when you want to mix things up with new positions and scenarios that take things to a whole new level of heat. For instance—sex on a chair—preferably one that is both comfortable and sturdy enough to withstand your passionate and nefarious activities. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few positions you can try on a chair! 


Let's start with the most basic position you can do on a chair—cowgirl. If already an experienced rider, you know the cowgirl is quite simple to do. This version of cowgirl requires the penetrating partner to sit on a chair while the receiving partner sits on their lap and lowers themselves onto their partner's penis. The beauty of this position is that you are in charge and fully in control of your movements. You can choose the angle and how fast or slow you want it. As an added bonus, this position allows for some breast play and ‘hot and heavy’ kisses. Pro tip: Find an armless chair to perform this position and use the back of the chair for more leverage. This will make all the difference.  

Standing doggy 

The standing doggy is a great option for all those of you who enjoy rear-entry positions for either vaginal or anal play. The receiver holds on to the back of the chair (it doesn’t necessarily have to be a chair, tbh) bending over slightly as their partner penetrates them from behind. This version of doggy has the same benefits as the classic doggy style—intense passion, deep penetration, and the potential to end in a toe-curling G-spot orgasm. 


We all know lotus to be an extremely intimate and passionate position. But what you didn't know is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be performed on a bed or a couch. To get into the lotus position (on a chair), the penetrating partner sits cross-legged while the receiver wraps their legs around their partner and lowers themselves onto the penis giving the former leverage to grind against their partner while feeling incredibly connected with them. 

The champagne room   

Drawing its cues from sitting reverse cowgirl, the champagne room is a fun position for the spontaneous ones, allowing for both, breast and clit stimulation during penetration. It’s a win-win! Throw in a vibrator if you're feeling extra special. For this position, the penetrating partner sits on the edge of the chair with the receiver on top, facing the other side, and grinding. Pro tip: You could start with a sexy little striptease and lap dance as foreplay to spice things up.

The wheelbarrow    

If you and your partner are looking for a challenge or a new position to master, the wheelbarrow is what you'll want to try. Yes, it’s physically demanding, difficult to sustain, and you need to be slightly flexible. In this position, the penetrating partner sits on the chair while the receiver sits on their lap facing away. The receiver leans forward until their hands are resting firmly on the ground and then lifts one leg to wrap around their partner’s waist (even if you can’t wrap your leg around your partner, ensure they are holding on to your thighs tightly). Now, the receiver can use their upper body strength to grind up and down. Before you get into position though, do ensure you stretch for a few minutes to avoid any muscle pulls. And before you dismiss the wheelbarrow because of how tedious it is, believe us, once you do master this position, the payoff is totally worth it.