Cosmopolitan India Editor’s Lunch at Mumbai’s newest luxury dining spot, AMADEO by Oberoi was brimming with camaraderie and culinary excellence

An afternoon to remember!

Cosmopolitan India Editor’s Lunch at Mumbai’s newest luxury dining spot, AMADEO by Oberoi was brimming with camaraderie and culinary excellence

While it’s hot and humid outside, this is the perfect time to gather indoors, over delectable food, refreshing beverages and some inspiring conversations. This is why, the timing of yet another edition of Cosmopolitan India Editor’s Lunch would not have been better. This time around, AMADEO by Oberoi, situated in the heart of BKC in Mumbai, played host to an eclectic mix of the city's most influential figures from the creative industry, including renowned actors, social media influencers, and creative professionals gathered under one roof. 

AMADEO By Oberoi is The Oberoi Group’s newest independent restaurant in Mumbai, offering elevated service and authentic cuisines crafted by Executive Chef Kayzad Sadri and his expert team. Located at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre, AMADEO can seat 138 guests in the restaurant, 120 in the bar, and 8 in a private dining room. 

Its Counter Collection showcases micro-concepts of Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and Indian cuisines through interactive counters. Due to its unique setup that encourages guest-chef interactions and delivers an immersive dining experience with authentic flavors and modern interpretations, AMADEO has become the go-to restaurant for those who crave a holistic culinary journey in Mumbai. 

What’s more, the space is adorned with plush seating in neutral tones, providing a comfortable yet stylish setting for guests. Large windows allow natural light to flood the room, enhancing the warm, inviting ambience—all with a stunning view of the Dhirubhai Ambani Square’s lotus flower-inspired Fountain of Joy at NMACC. The tasteful use of lighting, adds to the venue's allure, casting a soft glow that highlights the refined details of the décor, making it the perfect venue for Cosmopolitan India Editor’s Lunch. 


A long table put together to seat around 20 people was set up by the restaurant while it was adorned and brought to life by Mai Stories, through a meticulously curated tablescape. The use of pink flowers added a soft, romantic touch, while the bespoke menus designed by Mai Stories themselves tied the entire aesthetic together seamlessly. Their ability to balance intricate details with overall design coherence was made obvious through the table styling at the lunch. It only becomes further obvious if you take a quick look at their Instagram page! 

The vibe was set and Chef Kayzad—who has more than two decades of experiencing in crafting ingenious dishes and has also garnered recognition in both Indian and international culinary circles—left no stone unturned to satiate the gastronomic desires of all those present. The menu at Cosmopolitan India Editor's Lunch was an absolute delight, offering vegetarian small plates like baked brie, three mushroom bao, kale avocado chat, and salad pizza, alongside non-vegetarian options such as prawn ala-plancha, New Zealand lamb chops, and sashimi salad rolls. Chef Greg's signature sushi and maki platter was available in both veg and non-veg varieties.

Further, the vegetarian large plates featured dishes like Truffle Tagliatelle, Pok Choy and Mushroom, Crisp Chilli Fried Rice, and Gucchi Makhana. The non-vegetarian options included Spaghetti with Crab, Truffle and Chicken Risotto, Murgh Tikka Khurchan, and Lobster Ginger.

Dessert was a celebration of indulgence with warm chocolate pudding, a cheesecake platter, classic tiramisu, and a selection of AMADEO ice creams and sorbets in various flavours.

This was accompanied by refreshing cocktails crafted by Vishwanath Garrimella aka Garry, who was born in picturesque Bhutan and had a distinguished bartending career, with many accolades to his credit. Now AMADEO By Oberoi's bar manager, his innovative cocktails prioritise taste and simplicity. Their ‘What's In a Name’ cocktail menu emphasises taste and simplicity, evolving flavours with each course for a refined dining experience. Some of the must-try cocktails are #1 (Bourbon, tamarind, maple, lime), #5 (Irish whiskey, cognac, matcha tea syrup, lime, Laphroaig float) and #12 (El Dorado, rum, apricot liqueur, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, bitters).

The event showcased Cosmopolitan India's commitment to celebrating creativity and fostering industry camaraderie, with a guest list of notable personalities like dancer and creator Shanaya Makhani, celebrity yoga expert Anshuka Parwani, celebrity chef Saransh Goila, and entrepreneur Radhika Bhuptani.

The event was graced by talented digital creators known for their fashion, beauty and lifestyle content such as Ankush Bahuguna, Karishma Singh, Meenakshi Kuwadekar, Kimberly Pereira, Armaan of The Sobo Boys, Kajal Kothari, Analee Cerejo, and Shantanu Dhope. Also present at the event were Renée Sen, who recently made her debut in a play titled Hidden Agendas; Anjan Sachar, an established beauty journalist and creator; and actors Sahil Salathia and Sandeepa Dhar. 

The conversations—going from insightful to downright hilarious—were proof that when many right-brained people gather, it’s nothing but a blast! Further, the elegant ambience and exquisite menu made it an unforgettable affair.