Creator Niharika NM talks about dating, dealbreakers and content

Content creator Niharika NM got candid with Cosmo India in an unfiltered conversation that will brighten up your day!

30 December, 2022
Creator Niharika NM talks about dating, dealbreakers and content

The past few years have heralded us to a different era altogether as digital spaces witnessed a massive explosion of content. And it’s safe to say, that for many of us, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, it was what kept us sane. This is why, when I was heading to meet content creator Niharika NM, I was all smiles. Her content which often comprised of very relatable rants and the way she added humour to our lives quickly shot her to fame. 
You could tell, the young creator puts impeccable effort into making content, understands her TG and knows how to light up our screens. I didn’t know what to expect, so I sat there in anticipation when she walked in, with the warmest smile and the coldest cup of coffee in her hand. We spoke for a while, before officially starting the interview and connected because that’s just the kind of person she is. 
And if you always watched her content, connected with her and wondered what she is like, offline, read on...


Cosmo: When did you realise that you are someone who can ace digital content?
Niharika NM: Am I? Stop. I’m shy, but keep it coming. I don’t think I’ve realised it yet; I think I just make videos because I enjoy them and I’m glad other people enjoy them because it would be really sad if nobody watched them and I’m just making it for myself for all these years—which I did at the beginning of my career. I just do what I enjoy and I’m glad I found my little tribe that enjoys what I do. 
Cosmo: Your videos made the pandemic so much easier to deal with, how would you describe your humour offline?
NNM: Thank you for saying that. My humour offline is the exact same, except maybe I’m not as aggressive in real life. I think I’m just a little calmer in real life. Also, I just don’t draw on a beard randomly and walk around everywhere, so that’s slightly different.
Cosmo: Did life change a lot after you became a content creator? How was it before that?
NNM: Yes, of course. Imagine being applauded for doing your job and people are clapping for you. It’s just amazing to get this love and support and affection for doing what I love doing and I’m glad that people can relate and resonate and think of me as their best friend even though they’ve never even met me in their entire lives. But when they do meet me they’re like ‘You rascal’ and I’m like, ‘Yes, this is why I do what I do, thank you, abuse me!’ Don’t please, I’m a little sensitive!
Cosmo: What made you move to the States?
NNM: My parents...I’m kidding. I moved there to get an MBA, then I finished it and now I’m here and those degrees are just hanging on a wall, just to remind my parents what a waste of money and time it was.


Cosmo: You often do funny videos, playing the mom’s character as well in the video. How is that character similar or different from your mom?
NNM: It is not how my mom is at all. She doesn’t chase me around with a broomstick, it is an over-exaggerated version of my mom, but my best friend’s mom is like that. My best friend and I grew up together, so I pick up little things from her mom, my mom, my grandmom, my aunts and I just over-exaggerate it, put a little masala and I’m like, ‘Here, take!’ 
Cosmo: How do you like to spend time when you’re not creating content?
NNM: I’m like anxiety’s favourite child; I just get stressed about everything even when I don’t have to. I will create scenarios in my head and be stressed about them. That’s what I do in my free time. You’re telling me people have free time to do fun things? I don’t get people who have hobbies, like how do you just play the guitar for fun? I don’t get it, why would you do that? I would rather sleep.


Cosmo: What do you feel about modern dating? Do you feel like we’re becoming increasingly commitment-phobic?
NNM: I have been single for so long that I don’t think I can have an opinion on this topic. I have no personal experience here. I’m ready to get married so if any beautiful, successful, young man out there, wallah Habibi, I’m ready.
Cosmo: What are your deal breakers in relationships?
NNM: Just a relationship in the first place would be great, but otherwise I think infidelity and dishonesty. I clearly expect the bare minimum. The bar is so low right now, if you can be a decent human being, you get a pass, put a ring on it.
Cosmo: How have your friendships evolved over the years, between becoming a content creator and moving countries?
NNM: The one thing I’m really proud of and happy about is the fact that the friends that I had growing up are still my closest friends. I’ve known my best friends for over a decade now and some of them moved abroad at the same time as I did. So, we’re still very close and we FaceTime each other all the time and for four hours we’re just cribbing about anything and everything and we always look out for each other. I’ve realised, over the years—especially in the content industry—friendships can be very surface-level. So, I’m very glad that I have my people.
Cosmo: If you could star opposite an Indian actor, who would it be?
NNM: Whoever wants to star next to me! Let’s make this happen, but *cough* Ranveer Singh *cough* Kartik Aryan *cough* Shah Rukh Khan! Allu Arjun for sure, if they make Pushpa 3, I want to be in it. Thank you. 
Cosmo: What’s your zodiac sign? And do you believe in astrology?
NNM: I’m a Cancerian. Yeah, I think I do believe in it because I’m an emotional mess, I can be very moody but I’m a good person when I want to be...or at least that’s what the newspaper said. I’d like to believe it when it’s in my favour and when it’s not I stop reading. I’m like no, horoscope is trash but when it says something like, ‘oh you’ll succeed’ or whatever, I’m like, yes, horoscope for the win!