Feeling a lack of accomplishment in 2023? Here are some milestones that are still worth celebrating

It's important to celebrate the small wins.

30 December, 2023
Feeling a lack of accomplishment in 2023? Here are some milestones that are still worth celebrating

It’s the last day of the year and even though you said you wouldn’t, you find yourself making a list of resolutions for the New Year—promises that you hope to fulfil—to make 2024 your year! And while doing so, you can’t help but reflect on the year gone by, pondering both your achievements and your shortcomings. And while people you know tied the knot, got engaged, found their dream job, or moved overseas, you can’t help but reel in the fact that 2023 might’ve just been another wasted year for you. And if that’s how you feel, believe us, you’re not alone.

The end of the year can evoke a gamut of emotions. While some embrace feelings of joy and accomplishment, others lie on the opposite side of the emotional spectrum. Half of us are content with having a steady year and looking forward to the next, while the other half are grappling with a sense of stagnation and unfulfilled aspirations. In reality, that could not be further away from the truth. No matter the year you’ve had, there’s always something to celebrate—meaningful moments and milestones that deserve to be acknowledged. So if you’re struggling with feelings of underachievement in 2023, here are some milestones worth reflecting on and celebrating.

Started therapy 

If you started therapy this year, then you have accomplished far more than you realise. While the conversation around therapy has been normalised time and again, many of us struggle with the idea of therapy. It could be a fear of judgement, the outcome, or even the fact that we might need help that keeps people from going to therapy. But if you’ve managed to overcome that inner struggle and take that first step towards improving your mental health, then you’ve won your first battle, and that is a worthy accomplishment.

Practice self-love

Everyone you know, including the ones who seem to have it all, struggles to love themselves unconditionally. And if they say they don’t believe us, they’re lying. Now you can’t just wake up and decide you’re going to love yourself no matter what, because self-love is not a destination but rather a journey of self-discovery. And the first step in that journey is giving up control and learning to let go of the things you cannot change about yourself. Of course, you can and should try to be the best version of yourself—try to adopt healthier habits that will serve you in the long run and learn to accept the things that will remain the same. If, at any point this year, you decided that what you saw in the mirror (or your front camera) is good enough just the way it is, then that is a worthy milestone.

Invested in yourself

This one rides on the train of self-love. We're often so busy working through our lives from one day to the next that we forget to take care of ourselves, and by that, we mean really indulge and spoil ourselves. Now it could be materialistic, like buying yourself something expensive that you may or may not have been able to afford, or an experience like a trip or an activity that you were holding off on for a long time. Either way, investing in yourself is a profound act of self-love, not to mention it will make you happy, confident, and perhaps a little less grumpy at work! Celebrating this accomplishment means recognising your worth and valuing your journey.

Setting clear boundaries 

You can be the kindest, sweetest person ever and still reserve the right to say “no” to someone or something. It’s far better than doing something you know you’ll hate or that will make you miserable. Like constantly working overtime, uncomfortable social situations, or worse, hanging out with people you simply cannot stand. If you’ve ever been made to feel bad about having boundaries, you know that it is truly the worst thing someone can do to you. In such, setting boundaries will help you foster a better relationship with the people around you, as well as establish healthy limits and authentic connections built on mutual respect. So go on and celebrate if you’ve managed to successfully rile a few people with stern “no’s” and sturdy boundaries.

Quit an unfulfilling job 

Have you ever experienced the satisfaction of getting together with your friends and ranting about how much you hate your job? Well, we all have, but you know what’s better than ranting about a job you hate? Quitting! Dealing with difficult bosses, struggling to meet unrealistic targets, and being stuck in an unfulfilling work environment is hardly worth the effort unless the compensation is generous. And when the woes of the job finally get to you, putting down your resignation is what truly sweetens the pot (and leaving on your last day, never to return, of course!). If you finally managed to put your foot down and quit your dreadful job, we’re proud of you!

Understanding/getting a hold of your finances 

Whether you’re a millennial or a Gen-Z, understanding finances is an accomplishment for all. Not only does it empower you with the necessary knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions about your money, but it also gives you a sense of control over your financial future, allowing you to set meaningful goals. Add to that the stability, security, financial independence, and capability ensuring a secure future.

At the end of the day, trying is all that matters. Don’t you know, trying and failing is better than not trying at all? We may not have met the love of our lives, we may not have the job of our dreams, and we may not feel like we’ve accomplished much. But we’re surviving. And while we all hate it when people say, “This year will be my year,” don’t let it stop you from making plans to conquer 2024!