Follow these accounts on Instagram for some much-needed sex-ed

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31 May, 2023
Follow these accounts on Instagram for some much-needed sex-ed

For years, our society has shied away from talking about important things. How many times have you asked your mother or father about the wide world of sexuality or how often has a teacher been so forthcoming as to speak about sexual pleasure and orgasms that go beyond the biology textbook? Maybe not too often. Today, however, the tide appears to be changing. The advent of social media brought with it greater freedom to express, share, and inform. It brought with it a bold, new generation of content creators and professionals to speak up about issues that they were really passionate about. To some, this meant raising awareness about the conversation surrounding sex and normalising talking about it openly. Of course, this hardly meant that the platform was free of judgment, labels, and criticism, but these creators have taken it in their stride (and how) and are all about creating sex-positive content, normalising behind-the-door conversations and more. 

Dr Cuterus a.k.a Dr Tanaya Narendra 

Dr Cuterus

Author and doctor, Tanaya Narendra’s ultimate aim is to help audiences understand their body and learn about periods, sex, and its multiple facets. Her content covers a range of topics such as physical intimacy, guides on having safe sex, and lesser-known information about run-of-the-mill things such as flavoured condoms, the history of Viagra and more. She takes it upon herself to create a safe space and community for people across the gender spectrum to talk, deliberate, and ask questions about sex, female and male intimate hygiene, and more. Follow her account to be educated on more than just sex.  

Leeza Mangaldas 

Leeza Mangaldas

Leeza Mangaldas is a sex-positive content creator, author of the Sex Book and founder of Leezus Love, an intimacy and personal care brand. Follow her for insights on abortion, relatable questions, witty and humorous take on all things sex, and busting common myths and misconceptions surrounding sex, female pleasure, and masturbation among many other things. Mangaldas interweaves her content with other run-of-the-mill ideas such as finance and films to make it more interesting. 

Talk you never got a.k.a Karishma 


Just like her Instagram name suggests, Karishma is here to give you the talk you never got—from the first times to contraception, her content is likely to help you with it all. She has spoken up about the taboo surrounding virginity and the need to normalise female sexual desire. Much of her content also revolves around the mental health aspect of sex and relationships, where she addresses topics like how to deal with bad sex or feel unashamed of having an STI, sexual shame, and more. 

Simran Balar Jain 

Simran Balar Jain

Her bio reads: Uncomfortable conversations made easy. What more does one need? Follower her for the nitty-gritty and details of it all regarding sex, sizes, and positions. Her content speaks loudly about female orgasms, what every woman should know, menstrual problems such as PCOS, common mistakes made during sex and more. She debunks myths and speaks about the harmful effects of vaping and sexism! 

Bloke with a bind a.k.a Aditi Mishra

Aditi Mishra

Follow this account for some super fun (and funny) content on sex, unbelievable taboos, intimate hygiene and more. Aditi’s humourous take on otherwise serious (and rather controversial) subjects, will leave you feeling informed and confident. If you’re curious about the wide world of sexual desire, your intimate body parts, and the lesser-known facts about it, her account is definitely your go-to resource.