Have you ever lived life like a movie? This author did, and here's how it went

From impromptu road trips to Mukbangs and band auditions, here's some inspiration to fulfil your delulu fantasies.

19 June, 2024
Have you ever lived life like a movie? This author did, and here's how it went

Movies and books have always been my scripture to smarten up, problem solve, or, at times, just help me make questionable life choices. From love and friendship, to adventure, and tragedy, I’ve learnt everything there is from cinema and page-turners. Films have taken me on an impromptu Manali trip with Kabir and Naina (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, 2013), to underwater oceans with my Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011) gang, and had me rooting for Simran from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1999) (yes...‘ja Simran ja, jee le apni Zindagi!).

Here’s some tough love from one certified ‘delulu potato’—you’re not getting a fairy godmother to make your life a movie montage...which is why I checked off my list of ‘never have I ever’ fantasies that would put any rom-com to shame!

Impromptu road trip (Yes, Naina, I get you!)

It was 2 am in Delhi and I was at the annual cousins’ sleepover. The rules here were simple—sleep is a distant dream, card games are the new obsession, and a pack of chips are non-negotiable. I have hazy memories of my sleep-deprived head nodding in autopilot as my brother explained the rules of a new card game. Suddenly, my brother said: “Let’s go to Agra!” The bunch here collectively snorted with laughter at the silly remark. However, soon enough, a slow smirk spread across my sister’s face, mirroring mine. Maybe it was the sleep deprivation or the sheer absurdity of the idea... but should we?

The next few hours were nothing but a blur of frantic packing and chaos. We squeezed into cabs, hearts pounding thanks to adrenaline rush and sleep deprivation. The apt song ‘Khwabon Ke Parindey’ played on the radio as we rolled down our windows in excitement.

That night, as I remember, wasn’t just fun and laughs...we also engaged in deep conversations. As the stars in the night sky bid us goodbye, the orange and yellow hues welcomed us to the city of Agra.

Soon enough, we stood in front of the breathtaking Taj Mahal, gazing silently, each needing a moment to absorb it all in.

“Here we are,” was all I could say.

Luxury apartments con (Did someone say Anna Delvey?)

My next venture—a page from the book of New York-based con artist Anna Delvey...I pretended to be rich and checked out a few of the most luxurious apartments in Delhi-NCR.

My cover-up story!? Arya Patel, the spoilt sister of Aishwarya Patel, a C-suite executive with Google who’s swamped with work and wanted me to look at apartments for her.

Anna Delvey

If Delvey taught us anything, it is to always look the part. So, if I was going to check out property worth crores, I better dress crazy rich with my low-budget wardrobe. My ‘con’ outfit was inspired by Hollywood stars, Audrey Hepburn and Anna Delvey—I wore a classy white jumpsuit with black stripes, white accessories, black sunglasses, a fur coat, and a black handbag (but from Sarojini Nagar).

As I sashayed into the society (feeling like a million bucks), I was asked to sit in a fancy golf cart to show me around the place. This place was nothing short of one from a Disney fairytale, nestled in lush greenery with green aisles in front of every house. The architecture had a vintage flair to it—think Victorian-style lamps and clocks in a majestic club right in the middle of the society. The guard of the club was dressed in a red and black uniform with a black turban. This club had everything you could dream of—a cute cafe, a classy bar, a movie theatre, a swimming pool, a basketball court, a grand piano—while you’re surrounded by lavish mirror chandeliers and aesthetic art.

As my delusional soul soaked it all in, there was a tiny voice in my head going: “One day, Silvia...one day.”

Mukbang (The social anxiety is killing me)

It was time for Mukbang—the ‘eating show’ where one broadcasts themselves eating on social media while making awkward conversations with hundreds of people live. There I was, holding a bowl of noodles as I was ready to spend the rest of my month dreading it (laughs in regret). My social anxiety had me screaming from within, but that’s not all...my hands were trembling, and I tried to pull my cheek muscles for a smile right before I hit the live button on Instagram.

After mustering the courage, I started out with an awkward smile, waiting for the first person to join my Insta live. My first move...to tell people about the Mukbang trend. As more people started joining the live, there was a chill down my spine. Soon enough, I became comfortable...and proceeded to rant about summer vacations, the insufferably long travel time to my office, weekend plans, and more. The more I spoke, the more comfortable I felt because I was being my authentic self. The support of my close friends helped reduce the nervousness I felt about going live in front of strangers. I interacted until I finished my noodles and it felt like a grand victory to me. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed the way I did—without giving a care in the world.

Band audition (A Pitch Perfect epiphany)

To make it clear, I am a certified bathroom singer and nothing more...I am too shy to even sing in front of my friends unless we’re all jamming to Taylor Swift together (she’s an exception). So for my next challenge, I participated in a singing audition for the Bengaluru-based rock band Zariya. Don’t even think about asking me if I got in—I obviously didn’t but I might have overcome my biggest fear.

I was lying in bed at 3 pm, watching Pitch Perfect while munching on microwave popcorn, and my phone buzzed.

Anmol (a band member): The last round for Zariya auditions will be held between 3 pm and 4 pm today.

I took a deep breath to calm down after reading the message. Pushing aside self-doubt, I reached the auditions right before time. However, I spent the next 30 minutes having second thoughts as I sat on the stairs next to the audition room.

The song I was planning to sing: Alex & Sierra’s ‘Little Do You Know’—I did under-my-breath singing for a couple of minutes in the washroom and then walked into the audition room. A confident me (or so I thought) ended up saying: “Hey, I’m Silvia, a bathroom singer, and I am doing this because I really want to try it once. The probability that you might laugh at this is quite high, and it is totally okay with me.” They smiled and told me not to worry, so I started the song and I could feel my voice shaking...but I went on. Once I was done with the audition, I was asked—“It wasn’t that scary, right?”

Well—not really!

Here’s what my ‘never have I ever’ experience has taught me—being outside your comfort zone may or may not get you what you want, but you’ll never regret putting yourself out there. Also (maybe) you’ll get a story to brag about at your next party.

Reminder: You miss all the shots you don’t take!

This article originally appeared in Cosmopolitan India Magazine's May-June 2024 print issue.

Image credit: Getty Images 

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