Here is why you should flirt throughout your relationship, not just in the beginning

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25 February, 2024
Here is why you should flirt throughout your relationship, not just in the beginning

Despite what TV shows and movies would have you believe, the honeymoon phase is not the peak of a relationship. Sure, the thrill of getting to know someone so intimately, coupled with the sexual tension, is a feeling like no other. In a few months though, it does fade away, no matter how hard you try to hold on to it. But, contrary to what most people believe, this is not a bad thing because what you’re left with is a cemented bond based on love, trust, friendship, and great sex (if you’re lucky), aka the substantial relationship. Think of it this way—if relationships were an aerated drink, the honeymoon phase would be the fizz on top. It’s surely satisfying, but that's not why you opened the bottle.

However, this is not to say that the honeymoon phase is not important. It’s the foundation of your relationship. There are things that you and your partner do in the honeymoon phase that you have to carry forward long after it has died down. For instance—flirting. The common notion is that flirting is merely a way of letting someone know that you’re interested in them. But there is so much more to it.  

Unfortunately, more often than not, as we get comfortable in our relationship and it reaches a place where it's secure and stable, the initial playfulness begins to slip through the cracks. It's probably because we become so familiar with the person, getting comfortable with them and learning almost everything there is to know about them, that we don’t feel the need to put in that extra effort of flirting.

While it’s easy to let that spontaneous and breezy side fall wayside amidst your adulting responsibilities, you shouldn’t let the playful side vanish completely. We are here to tell you why flirting with your partner throughout your relationship is just as important as it is at the beginning. 

It's a reminder of what you love about your partner

You chose this person for a reason, and just because you’ve been together for years doesn’t mean you should forget how it all started. A good flirty conversation can remind you why you find them desirable. You don’t even have to go out of your way; it's as simple as giving them a sexy compliment, sending them their favourite dessert with a cheesy note, or texting them their favourite (love) song lyrics. These small efforts can go a long, long way towards strengthening your bond. Plus, it’s so much fun!

It takes the seriousness out of life

No couple goes through life without a few lull phases. Sometimes circumstances get you feeling low and heavy. And it’s moments like these when your partner’s playfulness and silly flirting can take the pressure off and make you feel better. It can also remind you that the person you’re with can and will make you laugh when you don’t have the strength to smile. 

It builds sexual tension   

Raunchy flirting can do wonders for your sex life. Talking about what you want to do to each other in a flirty manner builds intense anticipation, making the moment you’re finally behind closed doors together so much steamier and passionate. And if you ever feel like your sex life is dipping after a while, some sexy flirting is a good remedy to get it back on track. We’re talking texts with suggestive emojis, playful sexual innuendos, good ol’ dirty talk, and whatever else along these lines works for you. 

It helps keep the spark alive and break ruts  

The beauty of flirting (even if you aren’t very good at it) is that it’s a brilliant bonding technique. With its blend of sexy and silly, flirting can bridge any disconnect you and your partner might feel, keeping the spark alive. Long-term relationships are bound to have ruts, and it’s very easy, during these moments, to just settle and let the flame that is powering your relationship die a slow death. But if you don’t want that, then a conscious effort to keep things light and playful through some flirting is a good way out of the pit. We have to add that, depending on the nature and level of the problem, it might not be the ideal solution, but it’s a start. 

It helps you bounce back after disagreements  

Disagreements aren’t an anomaly; they are a part of any relationship. This ranges from benign arguments to fights that make you question your life’s choices. But eventually, once you bounce back and have each taken space to process and work things out, what most people need is a little extra love and affection. And here is when some playful flirting can lighten the mood between you and your partner. Not to mention, it’s a great way to make you smile and remind each other that the feelings are as strong as ever.  

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