Here’s everything that you should know about ‘Dry Dating’ and why it is has gained popularity among GenZs

A deep dive into why it has gained popularity among GenZs

By Soumya Pawaskar
11 October, 2023
Here’s everything that you should know about ‘Dry Dating’ and why it is has gained popularity among GenZs

We all can agree that going on dates can be as nerve-wracking as exciting. The initial nervousness, the awkward laughs that punctuate the moments of silence, the struggle to maintain eye contact, the pressure of making a lasting first impression, the fear of being judged for your preferences, and it’s endless. It’s also a lot to handle all at once. No wonder, many people find solace in a glass of wine (or a drink of their choice), a temporary escape, a small distraction from the roller coaster of emotions.
Drinking on a date is quite popular for various reasons. While some people drink to simply look cool or to fit in, some drink it to cope with social anxiety, as alcohol can provide a sense of relaxation and confidence in such situations. In some cases, people feel compelled to drink to accompany their partner. But there is a slight shift in this trend. Some individuals prefer ‘Dry Dating’ where the focus is on genuine conversation and connection without the influence of alcohol, allowing for a more authentic and clear-headed experience.
Still unsure what ‘Dry Dating’ is? Let’s look at this modern dating trend and find out how it can transform your dating experience, making it unique and more enjoyable.
What is Dry Dating? 

‘Dry Dating’ essentially means getting to know someone in a date set-up without having alcohol in the picture. This shift in dating culture has gained immense popularity, especially post-Covid, as GenZs and millennials have become increasingly health conscious and seek deeper connections by engaging in sober dates to better understand their potential partners without external distractions.
In the modern dating era, ‘Dry Dating’ surely stands out as a refreshing and wholesome approach as it provides an opportunity to connect on a more genuine level, focusing on each other’s personalities and having meaningful conversations. ‘Dry Dating’ provides a safe and more responsible platform to meet and interact with new people. According to a survey conducted by the popular dating app, Bumble, 34 per cent of respondents worldwide shared that they’re now more likely to consider going on a ‘Dry Date’ than they were pre-pandemic. This approach aligns with the current health-conscious mindset of the youth as it promotes mindful drinking and hence it has become quickly popular amongst the youngsters.
Here are some ideas to enhance your ‘Dry Dating’ experience and make it more engaging and enjoyable.


Stay calm, don’t get nervous  

Feeling nervous before a date is entirely normal, but it’s important to stay calm and confident. Remember, the purpose of a date is to get to know each other and have a good time. So relax and be in the moment. You don’t need to worry about the impression you make on them, because if you just let go of the inhibitions and be your authentic self, you will definitely leave a memorable impression on them, without relying on alcohol.
Make it clear that you don’t want to drink  

Be upfront about your preference not to drink. Communication is the key, even on first dates, so make sure to express your choices clearly. This will not only help you to stay true to yourself but also offer insights into your date’s psyche. If your date is considerate and respectful of your boundaries, there’s scope for a potentially meaningful connection. However, if they try to criticise your preferences, it’s a sign that they may not be the right match for you and you should reconsider your choices.
Respect their preferences, too 

When engaging in ‘Dry Dating’, it’s important to acknowledge your date’s preferences as well. While it’s important to stand by your decision to not consume alcohol, it’s equally necessary to understand your date’s choice if they wish to have a drink. Remember that everyone has the right to their preferences, and it’s unrealistic to expect anyone to change their choices. So, ensure that both you and your date are comfortable and respected throughout the experience. After all, it’s all about having a good time and getting to know each other.


Opt for activity-based dates 

Once you’ve decided to ‘Dry Date’  with your partner, if you plan to meet at a bar, you might still feel the temptation to drink. To avoid this, you can consider activity-based date ideas. You can explore options like a leisurely walk at the park, a cosy coffee shop date, a fun bowling night or even a pottery class. The options are endless. These alternative date ideas can be just as enjoyable, if not more so, than drinking at a bar and can enhance your ‘Dry Dating’ experience with your partner.