Here’s what your favourite dessert says about you

In a totally non-sexual way…maybe. 

04 March, 2023
 Here’s what your favourite dessert says about you

Life is too short to skip dessert. And everyone has that one go-to dessert to indulge in on your worst days and best ones. As Terri Guillemets says, “Desserts are fairy-tales of the kitchen—a happily-ever-after to supper.” We agree. Different people love different kinds of desserts, and there’s a lot we can tell about their personality just by the choices they make on the last page of a menu card. Your choice of that sweet something can reveal a lot—including your sexual ideas and fantasies. So, read on to see what your favourite dessert says about you. 

Athiya Shetty


Cheesecake - Pinterest

Whether you love the OG New York Cheesecake, or like it topped with blueberry or strawberry compote, we already know a lot about you. Just like the rich and deep flavour profile of a cheesecake, you love and think deeply about conversations about love, life, and happiness. You’re one of those seize-the-moment kinda people, who love instant gratification and would do anything to satisfy that dessert craving. 

Brownie with ice cream 


I am a gooey brownie with ice-cream loyalist. So, here’s what I can reveal about my personality—I’m a forever optimistic, high-energy gal. I mean, there really isn’t anything not to love. And, of course, this applies to everyone who loves brownies with ice cream too! You’re a cheerful and warm person, and love everything simple, understated, and classy. And you definitely want to recreate the ice-cream dripping scene from Fifty Shades Freed with your boo (as do I). 



Creamy, caffeinated, and filled with chocolatey goodness—if tiramisu is your favourite dessert, this we know for sure: you have great taste in desserts, partners, and fashion. You enjoy the good life—delicious meals at the finest restaurants, travelling, exploring and more. And while you definitely believe in wellness rituals and mindful living, you love to let your hair down once in a while and have a raging night out. You’re optimistic and realistic (it’s the bitterness of the coffee), and live life the way you want to. 


Rasgulla - Pinterest

Tumi rasagullāra matō miṣṭi—this literally translates to, you’re as sweet as a rasgulla. If you love rasgulla, you absolutely and completely have my heart. Your love for rasgulla tells us that you love experimenting, trying new things, and are always up for the different experiences that life has to offer. Still, you love your comfort zone and would like nothing more than to cuddle up in bed with your beau after a fun and fulfilling day out. 



You’re an old-school romantic who’d love to spend their weekends away from the city’s hustle and bustle or at a quiet corner in their favourite café—eating pie! And whether you like apple or any other flavour, we can tell that you take life as it comes, the sweet and sourness combined with the crusty bits. You’re a hardcore realist and are always striving to achieve balance in your life—whether it’s work-life balance, in relationships, in family matters or anything else. 


Jalebi - Pinterest

You’re known among your friends and family to be the prankster, the one with twists, turns, and jokes up your sleeve, much like your favourite dessert, jalebi. But you can also be the sweetest, kindest and most affectionate if you choose to. And though a jalebi maybe entwined and confusing at times, we know that like it, your intentions are never bad.

Kulfi- Pinterest

It’s true goodness on a stick. What can be said about the forever favourite Indian dessert, besides that it’s absolutely perfect? If you love kulfi, then here’s what we can say about you: you’re a perfectionist at heart. You love to flaunt, and the good part is that your friends know this about you and love you anyway. Just like the cold and sweet kulfi, you can often kill 'em with kindness, which mostly works to your advantage. 


Cookies - Pinterest

If you love cookies, know this: everyone loves YOU. You’re everyone’s favourite person without even trying. You’re effortlessly kind and would never intend to bring harm to anyone, especially those who are close to you. You exude warmth in every room you walk into. You can be the perfect blend of sneaky, charming, and flirty. One look is all it takes to have a crush on you. You’re that kinda person, and we love it. 

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