Here’s what your favourite sex position says about you

Down and dirty with doggy style? Or safe and intimate with missionary? Take your pick and we’ll tell you what we know.

03 August, 2023
Here’s what your favourite sex position says about you

Someone’s movie recommendations, favourite character from a television show or their go-to dessert can reveal a lot about their personality. The same way, though we may not speak about it as blatantly, someone’s favourite sex position is also a deep (ahem) revelation about their personality—what they want, how they want it, whether they like relinquishing control or like being told what to do (in bed), and much more. Read on for our very in-depth analysis on sex positions and what they reveal about one’s personality, and find out what yours says about you. 



Often described as vanilla or super basic, the missionary position is anything but that. In fact, according to a survey referred to in Women’s Health, 27 per cent of the respondents rated it as their favourite sex position, with women taking a liking to the position more than men. The missionary position involves cuddles, kisses, and being face-to-face with your partner on top and them taking the lead. If you’re a fan of this position, we know you like the feeling of being embraced and feeling comfortable and safe. It tells us that you crave emotional connection while being physically intimate, and the missionary position might be one of the best ways to achieve that. 

Reverse missionary 

Like we said, the missionary position is often associated with emotional intimacy, cuddling and kisses. This position involves you being on top and taking charge while turning up the heat. If you’re a reverse missionary loyalist, then we’d say you love a balance of taking control and being emotionally and physically connected with your partner while you’re at it. It also says you like seeing your partner being pleasured and enjoy the freedom of movement that the position entails. 

Doggy style 


For a heteronormative couple, the classic doggy style position involves the girl getting on all fours and the partner on their knees, entering from behind. It’s bold, it’s boisterous, and it’s edgy. There’s a different kind of thrill when you can’t see your partner taking you from the back. If you like to get down and dirty with this position, we can tell you enjoy being dominated by your partner (in bed), like to feed into your adventurous side and are not afraid to express it. 


It’s no surprise why the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl positions are preferred by many. These can be fun and extremely pleasurable for both partners involved as the position enables free-flowing movement of the hips and pelvis, making it much easier to orgasm. If you’re fan of the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, we love that you’re super comfortable with your body (and moves), are unafraid to pleasure yourself while pleasuring your partner, and are confident about what you want. 

Spooning—big spoon or little spoon

Spooning is perhaps one of the most ideal positions for a couple to take on when they’re in the mood for a steamy, cuddle session. It’s the perfect blend of warm, cosy, and super hot. Much like missionary, if you enjoy being the little spoon, then you like the feeling of being embraced (this time from the back) and some kisses on the neck might do the trick for a full-blown steamy session. You love being loved and not having much control over the situation. If you like being the big spoon, you want to show how much you love your partner and don’t hesitate in doing so. You also like taking on the role of being the comforter and creating safe and cosy space for your partner. 

Shower sex 


Thought not really a position—if you’re fan of getting it on with a quick shower before you head off to work, we, for one, know you’ve been influenced by one too many steamy Netflix watches (*wink*). If you’re a fan of shower sex, we can tell you enjoy the drama and would love to experiment with aphrodisiacs, sex toys, and more. 

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