Here's why handwritten letters and customised playlists still make for the best Valentine's Day gift

Love really is about the little things.

07 February, 2024
Here's why handwritten letters and customised playlists still make for the best Valentine's Day gift

At the age of six, with my English half-broken and my handwriting half-baked, I attempted to write a letter for my mother for her birthday. It read, "You are my bast mathor" (back then, the placement of the letters o, a, and e confused me more as much as mutual funds do today). The letter was covered with drawings of our house, my mother in a pink saree, my father in a checked shirt, and my sister in her blue dress. My mother framed the letter and kept it in her bedroom. That was when I discovered the magic of handwritten letters. It's something I do even today—I write letters to the people close to me on their birthdays or special occasions. “Eight pages?” my ex-boyfriend said to me when I handed him the break-up letter. “Yup, front and back,” I replied!

Coming back to the point, handwritten letters, customised playlists, or anything created with a personal touch is still the best gift you can give to anyone. And with Valentine's Day around the corner, here's us convincing you as to why these make for the best gifts to give to your special someone.

You can always go back to them on bad days

On your tougher days, the letter or playlist serves as a reminder of love and one that you can always revisit. It's a constant reassurance of the love you share, and trust me, that is an instant mood changer. These personalised gifts also signify that someone is willing to put in the effort for you.

It makes for the most subtle yet adorable gesture

Anything personalised in the form of a gift feels like a warm hug. And it hardly ever costs that much, not to mention, it's not as time-consuming as shopping for a gift. It is a subtle gesture that is an adorable expression of love. So, we suggest, instead of buying that expensive gift for your significant other, take out a pen and notebook and watch the magic unfold.

Shows green flag behaviour

Your love language or even your choice of gift speaks volumes about you. Gifting something personalised makes you come across as a thoughtful and caring person, and these gestures go beyond materialistic value. In essence, it showcases instant "green flag" behaviour.

Music can be the ultimate expression of love 

Music holds a special power over all of us, and sharing it with someone is the easiest way of expressing love. A year ago, someone made me a playlist of all their favourite songs including those that reminded them of me. This was without a doubt, one of the sweetest things someone has done for me. Take it from me, make a playlist for your Valentine because it can never go wrong.

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