Here's why manifestation may not be working for you just yet

...and here's how you can fix that.

28 March, 2024
Here's why manifestation may not be working for you just yet

A few years ago, the stress of landing a dream writing position was gnawing at me. Every rejection email felt like a punch to the gut, and I had this sinking feeling of having zero control over my future. That's when a friend introduced me to the power of manifestation. 

If you've tried everything from vision boards to written affirmations, and still struggle with your ordinary reality, don’t worry because manifestation might be a powerful technique, but it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. Here are five reasons why it might not be working for you.

Strong attachment and reluctance

Manifestation can be hindered by your tendency to take control and be stubborn. Sometimes we get so attached to a specific outcome that we miss the bigger picture.

Solution: We get that you desperately need that opportunity, but maybe at the same time the universe might have something even better for you in store! Release your grip on how things "should" happen and trust the universe's timing.

Manifestation is not solely about passive wishing. You have to ensure that your actions align with your intentions. If you passively wait for your desires to unfold without actively pursuing them, progress will eventually stagnate. 

Solution: Don't just dream it, do it! Break down your goals into actionable steps and proactively seek opportunities that propel you towards that goal. Don’t forget, the universe rewards those who demonstrate initiative and meet their desires halfway! 


Manifestation is a journey that demands patience and faith. If you frequently doubt, feel frustrated, or lose trust in the process, you might unintentionally destroy that flow of manifestation.

Solution: Practice meditation or journaling. Reflect on past manifestations that were fruitful, even if they took longer than expected. Remind yourself that the universe works in its own perfect timing.

Lack of clarity

Manifestation is a collaborative effort between you and the universe. And a critical element of successful manifestation lies in the clarity and specificity of your desires. If you don’t know what to wish for, how will it be manifested? 

Solution: To bridge this gap between you and the universe, dedicate time to deeply reflect on your aspirations. The more precise you are with your desires and goals, the more chances for manifestation. 

Preconceived negative beliefs 

Deep down, you might have some negative beliefs holding you back. It may be just you preparing yourself for the worst outcome. These subconscious thoughts can be the reason why manifestation might not be working for you. 

Solution: Challenge these negative thoughts and transform them into empowering affirmations. Start believing in yourself. Trust us, you’ve definitely got this! 

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