How to not get intimidated by your friends' career growth

Learn how to celebrate your squad's wins!

13 May, 2024
How to not get intimidated by your friends' career growth

If you're genuinely friends with someone and you truly wish them happiness, you'll be elated if they are experiencing growth. Having said that, it is also natural to feel a little intimidated by your friend's success. But this doesn't mean that we let that feeling overpower us or manifest into actions.

You may spiral into comparing your career graph with theirs or probably feel like you're not on the same level as them anymore. Don't! Just stop yourself there. With this internal comparison, a wave of guilt may arise, along with the feeling that maybe you're not being a good friend because you're experiencing these mixed emotions. But here's the truth: having mixed emotions is a normal part of being human. It doesn't diminish your love and support for your friend. All you need to do is learn how to navigate such feelings. 

Here’s how you can feel happy for your friends’ successes without feeling intimidated:

Shift your perspective

Instead of seeing their success as a reflection of your shortcomings, view it as inspiration. Their achievements show what's possible, and their journey can provide valuable insights you can apply to your own path. Think of them as motivators, opening doors and showing you what's out there.

Focus on your own path

Remember, everyone's journey is unique. Comparing your Chapter five to someone else's Chapter 10 doesn't really make sense. Celebrate your own milestones and stay focused on your personal goals. Keep a vision board or journal to track your progress and remind yourself of your potential.

Practice gratitude

Take a moment to appreciate the amazing people in your life. Having supportive friends who achieve great things is a blessing. Their success doesn't diminish yours; in fact, it enriches your life. Feeling grateful for your friends' achievements can boost your own sense of well-being.

Celebrate together

Make their win a reason to connect and celebrate! Plan a hangout, send a thoughtful gift, or simply offer heartfelt congratulations. Sharing in their joy strengthens your bond and friendship. It makes your friends feel valued and seen.

Communicate openly

Talk to your friends about your own aspirations. True friends will be your biggest cheerleaders and offer support. Sharing your goals can even strengthen your bond and bring in fresh perspectives. Your friend might offer valuable insights or connections that help you move forward on your path.

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