Isn't this a good time to hit the road? Here's a long-drive playlist for you

Let’s waste time… chasing cars. 

26 March, 2023
Isn't this a good time to hit the road? Here's a long-drive playlist for you

Imagine: It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon in the maximum city. It’s been a long, hectic week at work, and all you need is some down time. You grab your car keys, phone up your best friend, and go on a long drive, no destination needed. You drive along an empty road, and watch the sun set in your rear view mirror. Core memory created. 

Long drives are often the best solution to a long day. There’s something different about driving down a scenic route and laughing at a distant memory with your boo or best friend, or just collecting and reflecting on your thoughts. No matter who you’re with, a long drive is incomplete with music. So, Cosmo India created a long-drive playlist, and there’s something for everyone—the old souls, the rap addicts, the pop-music loyalists, and even the boujee instrumental lovers. Read on. 

Dil Chahta Hai 

This cult song remains a favourite number across generations, and is perfect for a spontaneous road trip with your best friends. 

Journey Song 

This beautiful and melodious number, created with a combination of Hindi and Bengali lyrics, is the song you didn’t know you needed on your long drive. Sung by Shreya Ghoshal, it exudes a certain calmness, excitement, and joy as you drive through fields, beaches, cities, or mountains. 


Who remembers Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra driving through the rustic, terracotta mountains of Nevada, while on their way to Las Vegas? With the windows down and the wind blowing in your face, this song could be ideal to jam to. 


All Swifties, raise your hands (*Raises both hands*). Style by Taylor Swift is perfect to cruise along to while you’re driving by the sea-side, and singing along, at the top of your voice, would be liberating and fun! 

Sooraj ki Baahon Mein

There couldn’t be a more apt song to drive into the sunset, now, could there? A personal favourite, with lyrics that inspire you to live life to the fullest, in every moment, this one has got to be on your playlist. 

Dil Dhadakne Do

Need we say more?


This 2016 number, which became a global sensation, continues to be a peppy and fun long-drive song. 

White Walls 

This song is a total vibe, especially if you’re driving beside your best friend. 

Tonight, Tonight 

The lyrics of this song speaks to all those who are bound by the corporate life and can’t wait for the weekend to tune out and really let loose. You can see why we would recommend adding this here right? 

Shake it off

Sing along to this song on the top of your lungs; no one’s judging. 


A personal favourite, Iktara is a song you can listen to at any time. It could be the final number on your playlist before you head back home or mid-drive, as you watch the sunset, or even at the beginning to set the tone for the rest of the journey. 


If you’ve decided to take this long drive on your own, here’s your chance to feel like Bunny from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani—living in the moment, reflecting, and living it up, all at once.

Nazrein Milana Nazrein Churana

Who remembers this iconic song from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na? Giving major day-trip-with-your-friends vibe, we’d definitely add this to our playlist. 

Piku Sarod Theme

If you’re in the mood for some mellow, soft instrumental music to be alone with your thoughts, look no further. The Piku sarod theme is everything warm and homely. 

Dancing Queen

For a major throwback, you can listen to every ABBA song, but we’d definitely recommend Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia to sing and dance along to as you drive along beautiful roads. 

Hain Apna Dil toh Awara 

Here's one for those who love puraane hindi gaane (old Hindi songs), and enjoy nothing more than jamming to old-school Bollywood. 

Shalala Lala 

Throwback to the OG dance playlist that was played at every 2000's birthday. This number, or any other song by the Vengaboys, should 1000 per cent be a part of your long-drive playlist. 

Chasing Cars

We'd definitely recommend listening to this as the sky darkens and you're on your way back home. Be warned, this song may bring tears to eyes. 


No drive would be complete without this number which is a favourite for most best friends. 

Khaabon ke Parinday 

Do you also dream about making waves with your hand in flow with the wind? This is the perfect song to do that! 

Maan Meri Jaan 

Our playlist wouldn't be a well-rounded one without this much-adored number by King.