Last Week Today: From Fashion, Beauty, Politics, Pop-Culture, to News You Can Use, Headlines That Had Us Hooked

Sabyasachi couture 2022, Bennifer making it official, Britney Spears sharing the grown up version of ‘hit me baby’, wordle, wildfires, Brazil elections, and more inside!

By Pratishtha Dobhal
19 July, 2022
 Last Week Today: From Fashion, Beauty, Politics, Pop-Culture, to News You Can Use, Headlines That Had Us Hooked

The 2022 redux “History repeats itself” needs—“History reinvents itself”. Just when we were not over celebrating Y2K fashion having its fair share of moments, ‘Jenny from the block’ finally became Mrs Affleck, 18 years after they parted ways. More throwbacks: Tommy Hilfiger’s return to New York Fashion, Ricky Martin NOT ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’, Britney’s grown up rendition of ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’, BA. 5 Omicron subvariant, heat waves and wildfire, ‘cause yes, climate has been changing for a while! Other headlines on our radar—girls outshining boys in class 10 ICSE results, Julianne Moore’s latest campaign, Wordle, and Brazilian pop queen Anitta taking a stand in the presidential elections.
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Sabyasachi Couture 2022 Weaves North Kolkata Aesthetics


Glorious and mesmerising, Sabyasachi’s teaser on the gram of his Couture 2022 collection speaks loud and clear—muted exuberance that is complex, yet beautiful, lives on even if it is ravaged by time. Smoky hand-dyed colour palette of brooding silver, dusty gold, and withering grey, meet drama of hand crafted old-world zardozi, artisanal embroidery, and printed vintage florals in textured depth of layered silk, velvet, wool, and tulle.


Tommy Hilfiger Set to Return to New York fashion This Fall

Tommy Hilfiger

For the first time in three years, Tommy Hilfiger will be returning to New York Fashion Week to unveil the latest ‘See Now, Buy Now’ Fall 2022 collection. Scheduled for September 11, innovative multi-media brand activations will connect people through an IRL showcase at the Skyline Drive-In in Brooklyn, with a parallel metaverse mood board playing out. An industry first, ‘See Now, Buy Now’ catwalk will be live-streamed into the global Roblox community of over 50 million daily users, with avatars dressed in styles taking over the remixed virtual city of New York. Erm… the future is here.


Julianne Moore Becomes Hourglass Ambassador, Face of Latest Campaign

Julianne Moore

Academy award-winning actress Julianne Moore was recently announced as Hourglass Cosmetics’ ambassador, and stars alongside her daughter, Liv Freundlich in the brand’s latest campaign, “We Glow”.  Shot by Marc Seliger, the video captures the refreshing approach of the campaign that shows beauty also comes from within and the relationships we share. Earlier in the year, the mother-daughter duo had spoken with Harper’s Bazaar on their special bond as they shot for Bulgari’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide. In an interview with another magazine, Julianne had opened up on the term “aging gracefully’, labelling it as “totally sexist” in the way it’s often associated with women. She attributed Helen Mirren for helping her accept the process of getting older, with the one-liner: “Aging is a requirement of life: You either grow old or die young.”


Britney Spears Gives Us the Grown-up Version of ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’


In an updated version of her 1998 breakthrough single, ‘…Baby One More Time’, the pop star took to the gram to give us more adult lyrics, swapping out “give me a sign” in the chorus to “give me a f##*ing sign.” Britney also spoke of decade-plus conservatorship that controlled her personal and professional writing.


Ricky Martin Denies Relationship With His Nephew

Ricky Martin

No rest for the wicked. Weeks after being accused of domestic abuse, Ricky Martin is caught up in another scandalous allegation, accusing him of incestuous relationship with his nephew. Ricky has not been arrested or charged with a crime, however, in Puerto Rico (where he currently resides) a person proven guilty of incest can be sentenced to up to 50 years in prison. His lawyers have denied involvement of any kind, sexual or romantic with his nephew, and hope for an early dismissal of the case.


Brazilian Pop Star Anitta Backs Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva


With just a few months to go before the next presidential elections in her country, the 29-year-old took to Twitter to extend support to former President Lula. She was also recently highly criticized for wanting to study the proposals presented by Lula and President Jair Bolsonaro before deciding to vote. Her trigger for getting more involved than she had intended earlier: Extremely aggressive and anti-democratic stance of the party in power that left her with no choice but to take a stand. She had taken to Twitter on July 11 after a leftist official supporting Lula was brutally murdered at his own birthday party by a Bolsonaro supporter. She also encouraged 16 and 17-year-olds to register to vote. After the campaign, roughly 2 million under 18 youngsters became eligible to vote. 


Girls Outshine Boys in Class 10th ICSE Results

Girls outshine boys

Reason enough to cheer—this year’s pass percentage stands at 99.7 for class 10th result. More reason to celebrate: Girls scored better than boys. In Delhi, the pass percentage of girls was 100% while for boys it was 99.28%.


Wordle Gets Ready for IRL Release


Wish you could play the most addictive word game of 2022 in real life? Joining forces with Hasbro, now your favourite game will be available for purchase in early October. Here’s how the game will work in real life: In each round, a player will be designated as the Wordle Host and will write down a secret word. Much like the original, the players will have six attempts to guess a five letter word. Fewer tries = fewer scores. The player with the fewest points at the end will eventually end up winning. Click here for the video explainer by Hasbro.


European Heatwave and Deadly Wildfires

Thousands of people were forced to evacuate from their homes after raging wildfires and soaring temperatures in France and Spain have continued to play havoc. On the other front, forest fires in Portugal, Spain, Greece, France and Morocco, have been raging across tens of thousands of hectares. Add to this the heatwave which is continuing to bring extreme temperatures and leading to hundreds of deaths across south-western Europe.


BA.5 Omicron Subvariant is Apparently 5 Times More Vaccine Resistant Than Previous Strains


The dominant coronavirus strain in the US, BA.5 Omicron subvariant is four times more resistant to Covid-19 vaccines, according to a new study published in Nature. Dubbed, ‘hypercontagious’, BA.5 Omicron leads to an increase in hospitalisations and ICU admissions. Plus, unvaccinated people have a five times higher chance of contracting the virus.