Living magnificently the Tanqueray way at the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2024

Raising a toast to good times!

20 February, 2024
Living magnificently the Tanqueray way at the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2024

Content creators around the country have the choice to turn any moment into something special with a little bit of inspiration and imagination. That’s what Tanqueray’s ‘Living Magnificently’ campaign is all about—it invites consumers to live magnificently by choosing to make the ‘right now’ as special as it can be. At the recently-held Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards, influencers and bloggers were lauded for their imagination and creativity in capturing the joy of life by seizing every moment and making it as special as can be.

The bartenders at the Tanqueray bar whipped up cocktails based on individual personalities, which served as the perfect aperitif before the dinner spread, while the neon green photo booth and experiential zone on the red carpet gave winners and guests a fun photo op, allowing them to make every moment count, much like the philosophy and ethos that Tanqueray prides itself in.

Among the many winners from the awards night was Aashna Bhagwani, who won the Body Love Influencer of the Year Award (Popular Choice). Having been lauded for being a vocal advocate for inclusive fashion and body confidence, Bhagwani spoke about how doing so ensures that she ‘Lives Magnificently’. “I prioritise self-care and reflection, taking time to appreciate both personal and professional growth. I share genuine experiences and encourage others to embrace their individuality. By transforming everyday moments into celebrations, I aim to spread joy and empower others on their journey towards self-love.”

There was also Zaeden, who continues to make his family of musicians proud with his recent milestone moment being winning the Music Influencer of the Year Award (Popular Choice). His mantra of ‘Living Magnificently’ is to compose music that strikes the perfect balance between desire and expectation. “Making music is like baring my soul, and yeah, I’m pretty shy otherwise. But somehow, when those tunes hit, it’s like a gift from God. Life’s got its highs and lows, so I make it a point to cheer for both, the small and big wins. When my fans sing my songs to me, it feels like a celebration, and I’m nothing but grateful to experience this magnificent feeling at every show.”

Yogi and Kabeer are more than just two regular Indian boys in love. The duo hosts India's leading Hindi podcast Shuddh Desi Gay, which sees them talk about their journey, relationship, and experiences as homosexuals, both individually and as a couple. The duo took home the LGBTQIA Voice of the Year (Editor’s Choice) Award. For the pair, ‘Living Magnificently’ is all about finding happiness in the smallest and simplest things. “As content creators from ordinary middle-class Indian families, we celebrate the beauty in everyday experiences. Finding joy in simple moments like sharing a cup of tea, holding hands, and being with each other—while these might seem like mundane life moments to you, for us, it’s magnificence at play. This essence also reflects in our content, where we weave the same authenticity and joy into the stories we share with the world.”

Staying true to his Instagram bio ‘Capturing stories in motions’, turning everyday moments into celebrations comes naturally for Vipul Juneja, who won the Fashion Influencer of the Year Award (Editor’s Choice). “As an artist, I see life as my canvas and authenticity is my brushstroke. Living magnificently means turning everyday moments into celebrations. It’s about finding joy in the simple things and making the ordinary extraordinary. Life is my palette, and I paint with the colours of genuine joy and meaningful connections. Let’s choose to weave a story that resonates with authenticity, turning the mundane into the magnificent. It’s time we celebrate each moment, savouring the symphony of life with heartfelt notes.”

No prizes for guessing that Debarati Roy, the winner of the Artist of the Year (Popular Choice) Award, much like the winners above, also knows how to live magnificently. Speaking about how she does it, she shares, “As an artist with ADHD, my art gives me a sense of purpose. I always challenge myself to learn various things that are not just related to my art, as it allows me to understand myself better and keeps me inspired. So when you do something meaningfully, anything is possible.”

While these creators continue to make waves in their respective categories, seizing the everyday moments and making them special and magnificent is what binds them together, just like Tanqueray, who loves to shake things up and always stand out. 

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