People reveal the worst reason someone gave them for the breakup

It’s not you, it’s definitely them.  

05 February, 2023
People reveal the worst reason someone gave them for the breakup

Of all the horrible things in the world of love and relationships, the most horrible has got to be the painful heartbreaks or, even worse, the break-up conversation. It’s filled with the inability to make eye contact, hesitancy to speak the truth, fear of confrontation and every feeling you cannot process. And yet, that appears to be infinitely better than ghosting, dishonesty, and other absolutely unfathomable excuses. On an episode of Koffee with Karan, Janhvi Kapoor said that when she was much younger, she broke up with someone because her boyfriend didn’t buy her a chicken burger. Undoubtedly, rejections and breakups hurt—but when they’re coupled with mean, questionable excuses, then not only are you profoundly hurt but angry, perplexed and frustrated. What we’re here to tell you is that, if you’ve been through this, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone. We asked a few people to reveal the worst reason someone gave them for the breakup. Read on. 


“I’ve fallen in love with your best friend.” - Aakanksha F.

“That I would cheat on them in the future, so they can’t be with me now.” - Radhika B.

“You’ve moved too ahead, I’m blank from inside.” - Dnyaneshwari B.

“He feels bad that I get insecure, so that’s why we should break up. (This was the 7th grade).” - Vaidehi E.

“I’m broken/damaged. I’m doing this for you and not me.” - Saakshi J. 

“I’m sorry my visa got rejected.” (They lived in the same city) - Anonymous 

“I can’t lie to my mother. (She used to lie to her mother about everything, but suddenly she became honest when we were dating).” - Anonymous 

"I scored more than her in our exams..." - Laksh K. 

Well, these are weird and hilarious in retrospect. If these are the excuses they got, I'd say good riddance!