Sex horoscope for the week—it's raining Big Os!

Your sexoscope is here!

18 July, 2023
Sex horoscope for the week- it's raining Big Os!

The rainy season is at its peak and you know what that means—it's time to make it rain in your bedroom, too! For some signs, it's pouring big Os while others will only get a slight drizzle. Don't be disheartened though, just remember, in a climate like this, sex is never off the table. Read all about what your sexy time will look like this week, courtesy of tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani. 


Passion sizzles for you this week, dear fire sign. Don't hold yourself back as exciting sexpirences await you! Start shopping for sexy lingerie to spice up your love life. If you're in a long-distance relationship with your bae, keep the flame alive with steamy video calls, and if you're single, explore dating apps. Now is the time to embrace pleasure, Aries! 

It's a hawwwt week for you, Taurus. Experiment with new positions and discover cosy corners in your home for intimate escapades. Don't shy away from sharing your desires and indulging in dirty talking to ignite passion. Open up! Let desires guide you to incredible heights of pleasure.


If an old flame has entered your life this week, tread carefully. Yes, sparks may be flying this week, but reuniting with old lovers is as tricky as it is tempting. Keep in mind all the challenges you faced before completely giving in to passion. We suggest you keep intimacy with the ex light and casual. Do not play with fire or you might get burnt (not in the fun way). Prioritise clear communication and stay true to your desires, Gemini.


If you are experiencing a relationship hump, use this rough patch as an opportunity for growth. But if you're single, don't be scared to build a new connection that is filled with mystery and allure. This is the time to welcome change, Cancer. Unleash your inner femme fatale! 


Your week is brimming with sizzle and spice. Keep your options open, but trust your instincts when it comes to short-term relationships or one-night stands. It's time for some hot sexual encounters while keeping your impulses in check. 


A daring week lies ahead! You could consider dipping your toes in 50 Shades of Grey-inspired S&M. Just a word of caution—don't let unresolved feelings for an ex hinder new connections. It's time to release toxic attachments and embrace pleasure without guilt. Discover the power of your desires and experience the Big Os.


Dear Librans, you must focus on embracing the present and indulging in passionate encounters. Once you liberate your sensuality, true fulfilment and pleasure with follow. Yes, we're talking multiple climaxes! However, be careful of entering parallel relationships. Prioritise your desires.


While you are one of the most sensual signs, Scorpio, this week your confidence will waver. Don't fret though. Embrace this internal chaos and use it to fuel your desires. You can also rediscover your sexual power through introspection; once you understand and embrace your flaws, you will be able to recapture your enigmatic energy. 


You may be standing on the brink of a new sexual adventure. However, to fully enjoy it, you must take some time to understand your true desires. This will allow you to explore a deeper connection and bring a thrilling balance between your passionate and emotional sides. Embracing this balance will equip you to navigate new experiences with clarity and confidence. 


Have you recently had a break-up, Capricorn? If you're fighting an internal battle, take solace in the fact that this week brings an opportunity to heal and evolve. You will be given a chance to dive into self-discovery and reclaim your sensual cravings that had been muted for a while. Embracing this new liberation will let you satisfy your deepest desires and ignite a passionate journey towards personal fulfilment. 


This week is full of sudden hook-ups and steamy booty calls. Embrace your independence, set boundaries, and seek connections that encourage your freedom and fulfil your wildest desires. On the other hand, be wary of people who are extremely possessive and bring on a suffocating dynamic to the relationship. 


If you've had a few monotonous weeks, this week brings in the change you've been craving for. Don't be afraid of surrendering to your insatiable lust and embarking on pleasure-filled sexcapades. It's time to unleash your fiery cravings and ignite a sensual relationship that will leave you craving for more.