Sex horoscope for the week—it's time to let things get intense and hot

Here's what the cards say about your sex life this week!

05 September, 2023
Sex horoscope for the week—it's time to let things get intense and hot

While Gemini is looking for some roleplaying fun, Cancer wants to experience some slow sex. Virgos may be in the mood to please their partner and Scorpios may be wanting to play some naughty games. Everyone's up to something this week!

Find out how your sex life will be this week, with predictions from tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani. 


Fire up the passion, Aries! You’re in the mood for adventure in bed. Don’t wait for it to happen; surprise your partner with some spontaneous sexy time. Try something new this week, be it a sex position or a sex toy!  


You love your sexual experiences to be immensely sensual, brimming with fantasies and romance. Why settle for quickies, when you can make time for some sweet, slow sex? 


This week, embrace your duality and experiment with roleplay for a thrilling, mind-bending sexual experience. It’s time to bring your charm to the bedroom!


You’re in the mood for some cosiness and intimacy with your partner. Create a romantic atmosphere at home, and let your deep emotions guide you to unforgettable nights.


Leo, the bedroom is your stage. Roar like a lion and take the lead. A sexy, confident attitude will leave your partner wanting an encore.


Virgo, perfectionism extends to pleasure. Pay attention to every detail, and focus on your partner's needs (and your own!) for a night of unforgettable intimacy.


Libra, you're all about balance and harmony. Explore the sensual world of tantric sex with your partner to deepen your connection.


Dive into your passionate depths, Scorpio. Embrace your mysterious side with erotic games and intense, intimate sex. 


Adventure is your aphrodisiac, Sagittarius. Plan a spontaneous getaway with your partner for a thrilling rendezvous in a new locale.


Capricorn, take control of your desires. Dominance and submission games can spice up your love life and leave you both craving more.


Unconventional Aquarius, experiment with new experiences in the bedroom. Embrace your inner kinkster and explore your wildest fantasies.


Pisces, let your fantasies run wild. Role-play and imaginative scenarios will transport you and your partner to a world of pleasure and mystery.