Sex horoscope for the weekend—find out if some big Os are in the cards for you!

It's time to get hot and horny! 

03 June, 2023
Sex horoscope for the weekend—find out if some big Os are in the cards for you!

For many of you, this is going to be a weekend brimming with orgasms. Whether you're in the mood for something wild and passionate or something more slow and mindful, this weekend will see your desires being satisfied. On the other hand, some of you might not see a lot of action this weekend. Tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani has penned down sex horoscopes for this weekend. Find out if the Gods of sex are smiling down on you or not! 


You've recently emerged from your introspective phase and you're eager to embrace new experiences. You're open to exploring different connections and aware of the options available to you. Embrace your personal power and pursue fulfilling encounters.


You're secretly yearning for a dominant partner and it's time to acknowledge this desire. Allow yourself to indulge in your wildest fantasies without judgment. Discover the mysterious side of your personality that craves excitement and fulfilment.


You're ready to move beyond casual flings and seek something more substantial. You might be realising who the special person could be in your life, and you're currently seeking deep and spiritual connections. Expect an enlightening realisation this weekend.


You're longing for a romantic weekend getaway with your significant other. Picture a cosy boutique hotel room, candlelit dinners, and intimate moments filled with cuddling and kissing, just like scenes from a movie.


Prepare for a major turnaround in your sex life. If you've been in a dry spell, luck is on your side as things are about to heat up. Anticipate exciting surprises and passionate encounters that will ignite your desire.


Unfortunately, your sex life might currently lack excitement and fulfilment. Plans with your partner could be disrupted, leaving you feeling unsatisfied. Avoid setting high expectations for now and focus on finding other sources of satisfaction.


Unexpected events are about to unfold, bringing intense passion and desire into your life. Get ready for an exhilarating sexual experience with your partner. Brace yourself for what could be the best sex you've ever had!


Prepare for a transformative journey of pleasure. This weekend, you'll explore new realms of satisfaction and may even have multiple partners at your disposal. Whether you choose to indulge in threesomes or savour the freedom of choice, pleasure awaits.


You're most turned on when your partner invests effort into igniting your sex life. They may surprise you with extravagant gifts or plan a romantic date before an intimate encounter. Allow their gestures to arouse your senses and bring you pleasure.


There's a possibility of a passionate encounter with a long-distance lover who is visiting briefly. Prepare for a sexually charged reunion that will leave you satisfied. Alternatively, if you're single, expect a chance encounter with an alluring stranger.


There's a chance of reconnecting sexually with a long-distance lover who is planning a short visit. Brace yourself for a passionate rendezvous that will leave you fulfilled. If you're currently unattached, be open to a serendipitous encounter with an attractive stranger.


While you search for the next exciting experience, don't overlook the person who's right in front of you. Despite your doubts, they may be perfect for satisfying your desires in bed. Take a closer look and appreciate the potential they offer