Sex horoscope for the weekend—here's what you will be thirsty for

Will it be hot and wild or will you have a dry weekend? Find out what the stars have in store for you.

20 January, 2023
Sex horoscope for the weekend—here's what you will be thirsty for

The first month of the year is almost ending and if you haven’t had the chance to shake things up in your sex life yet, it’s time you do. Set the right tone for the year and make sure your love department is brimming with joy. Aries and Sagis need to up their game massively. Scorpios are in for a treat! And Libras? They just need to show up! 

Here’s your sex horoscope for the weekend by tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani.


You feel like there is no movement in your sex life! You have been just fantasising but you're not taking any action to make the hot stuff happen. You need to step up and take charge or else you’ll be left all horned up for that cutie while someone else actually makes a move! If you’re in a relationship, shake things up, including that booty, because stagnancy is really killing your relationship and libido right now! 


Oooooo la la, your week is filled with romance! Get ready to go on a romantic date with your partner which may end up in canoodling sessions with them! Your partner is going to go old school on you and treat you like a queen, which will put you in the mood to treat them like royalty too. You can receive some flirty messages from cute strangers trying to slide into your DMs. This week is all about, sitting back on your throne and enjoying the attention!


You'll be looking forward to some casual lovin’ this weekend, sans the strings. And you’ll have a lot of choices, as there are several eyes on you right now. There is one particular person around you who is simping hard and putting you on a pedestal. In fact, if you give them the honour to satiate you, they will do anything to bring you those big, bad Os.  


Wow, you don't have one but multiple people on your DTF list. And you can call anyone right now to bring forth a tsunami between your legs. But what's stopping you? Is it low self-esteem and performance anxiety? You’re a goddess, cancer! Own it and let your sex life transform into something beautiful. If you’re in a relationship, communicate your worries to your partner and they will make you see how amazing you are.


Unfortunately, you have been going through major disappointments in your sex life. So what do you want to do about it? As of now, you've been waiting for that one person and not letting anyone else in, metaphorically and figuratively speaking. You need to get out of your cocoon! Manifest the sex life you want and explore new people or even yourself. This weekend, go get some.


Your sex life looks like magic this week, Virgo. It will be steamy, wild, passionate, hot and everything that you’ve been fantasising about. You will have a lot of fun this weekend. Mercury retrograde has been hard for you specifically, Virgo, and now that it is over, you can only expect peace in your relationship. This weekend, cancel all other plans and stay in to get naughty with bae!


Ah! Looks like you're up for experimenting with your partner, possibly with handcuffs and blindfolds. Take charge and don’t wait for them to make the move. Call them and get some winter lovin’! if you’re trying to move on from something or someone, like Bunny tells Naina, stop feeling pity for yourself and just bring sexy back! All you have to do is dress up and show up.


The universe is on your side and suddenly, all your fantasies are coming true. If you’ve been daydreaming about getting it on with your boo in the messiest way possible, it will happen. If you’ve been dreaming of roleplay, your partner will probably come up with something. All you have to do is wish for it. Your horniness is their command! If you’re single, it’s time to get on a dating app and find someone willing to put their crazy foot forward.


Looks like you're receiving the communication that you have been waiting for so long. You could reconcile with your estranged lover. This week your love life looks interesting but when it comes to your sex life, you're choosing to keep it dull for some reason. There are people out there extending an invitation to a night full of wild lovin’ but you refuse to even acknowledge it! Open your eyes and look at the possibilities. You can indulge in some hot adventures instead of bingeing on hot potatoes while watching reruns of Friends.


I see a cold war with your lover and then hot make-up sex with them right after! You may get into a disagreement and that will make you turn your back on them. You are looking for someone to make your insides quiver and that will happen but still, you'll be walking back with some disappointments, not because they didn't make you moan with pleasure but because you'll be expecting a lot more than sex from them. So my advice to you would be to live in the moment and just go with the flow!


If you’re single and not really been ready to mingle, it’s time to put your guard down and give a chance to someone who deserves it! Bring changes in your routine and put in some sexy time in your schedule. There is a mystery about you and that intrigues your lover, making them want to jump your bones. Take a sexcation with bae and spend some quality time with them—both under and outside the sheets.


It looks like a fling is turning into an emotional drama. You really need to think about whether you're ready for it or not! You're really playing hard to get, Pisces and it is working in your favour. You may call your ex or a former lover to make sexy memories again. You may indulge in some wild sex with them and that will blur the boundaries between the two of you and that's going to be dangerous. Just look after your emotional needs!