Should you have your ex on social media?

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Should you have your ex on social media?

One of the greatest debates, right after whether you eat soup or drink soup, is whether or not it’s okay to have your ex on social media. Opinions are divided, to say the least. Some argue it’s a mature move, while others see it as a roadblock to moving on. But really, who’s to say what’s right? There is no definitive right answer, however, you’re the best judge in this scenario. So, how do you know if you should keep your ex on social media? Here’s how you can decide.

Did you end the relationship on bad terms?

To decide whether or not you should keep your ex on social media, it’s important to reflect on how the relationship ended. Was it on good terms, where both of you made peace with the situation? Or did it end in a heated manner, with one or both of you holding a grudge? If it’s the latter, it might be best not to have your ex on social media, as you might find yourself repeatedly checking their posts and stories to see what’s happening in their life, which can hinder your ability to move on.

Does having them on your social media bother you?

Having your ex on social media can often be bothersome, especially if you were together for a long time. If you find yourself frequently visiting their profile and viewing their updates because you haven’t fully moved on, it can negatively impact your mental health. In such cases, it’s best not to have them on your social media. However, if you are completely unbothered by their presence online, then keeping your ex on social media might not be an issue for you.

Think of your future relationships 

After a breakup, you will eventually re-enter the dating pool and start seeing new people. When deciding whether to keep your ex on social media, consider how this might affect future relationships. Your new partner may feel uncomfortable with you staying connected to your ex, which could create feelings of insecurity or distrust. Weigh the implication of keeping your ex on social media against the potential for future conflicts and how it might impact trust in your new relationship. 

Speak to a friend about it

Sometimes, all you need is an outsider’s perspective on a situation. If you’re unsure about whether you should keep your ex on social media, ask a friend for their advice. As a third person who isn’t directly involved, they can offer a clearer, unbiased perspective and help put things into context for you. They can also help you understand if it’s impacting your emotional well-being. Plus, speaking to them might just give you the emotional support you didn’t know you needed.

Remember, cutting ties is healthy too

An underrated form of self-care is cutting ties with someone completely if they are affecting you negatively, and this includes social media. If you’ve had a serious heartbreak, trust us, it’s better to let go. Stop hesitating about whether it’s the right thing to do or worrying about how your ex will feel. It's time to prioritise yourself and do what’s best for you. Don’t let hesitation hold you back; taking this step can be a crucial part of your healing process.

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