Signs you and your partner are sexually compatible

Here’s what’s important for a healthy sex life with your partner—in and outside the bedroom.

28 January, 2024
Signs you and your partner are sexually compatible

Sex might not be the most important aspect of a relationship, but it can be tough to be in a relationship where the sex isn’t good. For most people, sex contributes to both physical and emotional intimacy, making it an important part of their relationship. However, due to many reasons such as mismatched drives and different preferences, sex between a couple can seem a little incompatible. This is why being on the same page—as far as their carnal instincts are concerned—and being sexually compatible with each other is important.

Here are some signs that tell you that you and your partner are sexually compatible.

Sex means the same thing for both of you

It’s great if you and your partner agree on what sex is in the relationship. For this intimacy and compatibility to grow, you need to understand more of yourself, spend time in self-exploration to know your likes and dislikes, and have that safe space with your partner where to can talk about your feelings. If one person is all about foreplay and the other only cares about penetration, the two will need to work on their sexual compatibility as they see things differently. 

The frequency and duration of sex also matter. How often do you both want to have sex? If either of you has a low sex drive, delve into the causes and create a space for you two to get intimate. Sex is all about working as a team and it’s important to strike the right balance as too little and too much sex can both be equally challenging. 

Being aligned on what happens during and after having sex

Couples who talk about their likes and expectations when it comes to sex have greater sexual compatibility. It’s also important to know how each of the two partners wishes to experience an orgasm. What happens after sex—do you want to cuddle, stay naked, put on some clothes, smoke, eat some food? It’s important to talk these things out so that the other person knows what you like and what you want after having sex. The place matters too. You and your partner might want to have sex anywhere but in the bedroom, awesome. You can go to town on the kitchen platform or in the bathroom. But both of you must want the same thing.

Talking about your likes and dislikes, turn-ons, and what you’d like and what you want to change always helps. Discussing your common likes and dislikes is sure to make this discussion a lot easier. And if there’s none, then that’s what you and your partner need to talk about to improve their sexual compatibility. 

Talking about negative sexual experiences

Being able to share your negative experiences also makes you sexually compatible. Not only is it important to talk about your preferences but also being able to be vulnerable with each other and speak about your negative feelings that are paired with sex. Your past sexual trauma could be why you face difficulties in your relationships and result in compatibility issues that stop you from enjoying sex with your current partner.

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