Signs you’re a total green flag

Definitely the catch worth chasing. 

06 June, 2023
Signs you’re a total green flag

We’ve heard of red flags, seen them, ignored them, and learnt from them (maybe). They’re all around us, and slowly and steadily we’re learning how to notice them and deal with them. But have you wondered why nobody talks about green flags in people? The go signal... The sign that they might be the one... Amid a sea of red, it’s time we talk about the green flags. Whether you’re recently broken up, proudly single, are one a journey of self-love or are looking for the one—we have something that might help you in your endeavours. We decided to take the road less-travelled and write out a whole list of signs that tell you you’re definitely worth the chase and worth being loved. 

You encourage open and honest communication 

Often, in a relationship or friendship, two people can be hesitant to speak about something that may be bothering them in that equation. But if you encourage open and honest communication about problems, no matter how difficult they may be to process, you are definitely a green flag. You know it can hurt, but you want to talk it through anyway because communication, more often than not, will make things better—a principle you believe in firmly. Give yourself a pat on the back for creating a safe space for people to come and talk to you. 

You have a solution-oriented mind-set
Closely related to the previous sign, beside encouraging open and honest communication, another sign that you’re a green flag is that you have a solution-oriented mind-set. You’re not only open to speaking about issues or problem in your relationship or friendship, but are also keen on resolving the issue the best you can. In the case of a disagreement, you’re always looking to arrive at a middle ground, or a situation that works best for the both of you. Your problem solving attitude shines bright amidst those that seek revenge, have major ego issues or want to have it their way and nothing else. 

You want the best for the other person 


All true friendships or relationships should be about mutual growth and wanting the best for the other person in whatever they do. If you display these signs, here’s what we know: you’re a secure person; with yourself and in the relationship. If you’re enabling a space for the other person to be their best selves, you’re eliminating possibilities of toxic behaviour like bringing each other down, disrespecting the partner, and even forms of abuse. You’re a star if you bring out the best in other person and create an environment that makes them want to grow and fall in love with themselves! 

You respect boundaries 

If you are conscious and firm about your personal and professional boundaries, chances are you immensely respect the boundaries of those close to you. You understand the importance of personal space and that each person take their own time to become comfortable with conversations and other things. In a world where people overstep boundaries all the time, it’s nice to have someone who understands your physical and emotional boundaries, and doesn’t impose their own ideas of being in a relationship or friendship with you. We’re all hearts for this. 

You’re kind and empathetic—with everyone 


Kindness and empathy all too often go unrecognised by people, but they’re probably two of the most important values that a person can portray and practice. If you can empathise deeply with one’s circumstance and treat everyone with kindness, no matter where they come from or what they do and if you would do anything and go to any extent to help a friend, we love you and you’re a major green flag.