Step inside Sunny Leone’s new restaurant Chica Loca in Noida

Marrying Punjabi hospitality with delicious cuisine from around the world—Chica Loca by Sunny Leone in Noida promises a magical culinary journey.

31 January, 2024
Step inside Sunny Leone’s new restaurant Chica Loca in Noida

Restaurants have long been an armour for the business army of B-town bees, and it is no surprise that Sunny Leone, a businesswoman in her own right, has hopped onto this trend. The actor and model has launched her very own restaurant in Noida. Now you may wonder, why the outskirts of Noida? Well, it happens to be a very smart move, exploring an otherwise untapped space in Delhi-NCR, which could easily cater to both, city customers as well as those from surrounding towns like Agra. Now moving on from the location, Sunny Leone, and her collaboration with Singing Bowls Hospitality, we have so much to talk about Chica Loca. 

Chica Loco by Sunny Leone

Let's talk about the space because it is grand! The interiors are luxuriously decorated in hues of purple accentuated with gold and black and are thoughtfully designed to go from a quiet lunch or dinner to a fun night of dancing and performances. While your reason for first stopping by Chica Loca may be “a visit to Sunny Leone’s resplendent new restaurant”, it is the food and bar menu that'll make sure you come back. 

The menu is expansive, to say the least. Offering a multi-cuisine, modern experience of Indian, Asian, European, and Italian fanfare, the menu is inspired by Leone and her husband, Daniel Weber’s lives. This includes everything from Leone’s Punjabi roots to the tacos and pizzas they (Leone and Weber) ate on their vacations, the burgers their kids enjoyed in California, and even her movies and personality for some fun name inspiration—the menu spells the couple’s interests, love, and quirks. Even Leone’s vegetarian preferences are reflected in the extensive vegetarian options on the menu.

Chicken Parmigiana at Chica Loco by Sunny Leone

Some of our favourites from the menu have to be the avocado chat papdi, Asian chilli burrata salad, dahi ke kebab, chargrilled broccoli parmegiana, cream cheese dumpling, and four cheese malai tikka—all of which were fresh and packed with well-balanced flavours that sang on the palette! But what really stole the show, was their butter chicken gujia, butter chicken waffle (can we just quickly recommend all the butter chicken variations they have for just how perfectly balanced it is!), and the Japanese salmon wasabi pizza.

Butter Chicken Gujiya at Chica Loco by Sunny Leone

Of course, there is the bar menu that cannot (and must not) be ignored either. If the drinks menu serves as the cherry on top of the cake, think of it as the freshest of cherries, deseeded and filled with champagne-doused cream (yes, it's THAT good!)

Some of the most pleasantly surprising creations have to be You Do You, a truffle-infused whiskey with chocolate and banana, and Sunsunny News, a G&T made with rose and coffee. But traditionalists will love the standouts like Tiki Tiki Bang Bang (their take on a pina colada) and Secrets (think screwdriver with gin). 

But it is the hospitality that sits over and above this heady mix of great food and cocktails. One is hardly ever served such decadence with a side of homely insistence to try another signature dish and drink. And that smile, query on how the food is, or insistence on making something better, are the hallmarks of any great restaurant, and Chica Loca is on the right track for sure!