Steps to heal and move on from your breakup

Here's what you need to do to emerge as a better person.

24 May, 2023
Steps to heal and move on from your breakup

Breakups are the toughest part of any relationship. No one likes it when love ceases to exist between two people, leaving them with feelings of sadness, grief, loneliness, and more. In the days that follow, we're simply overwhelmed with emotions. Knowing how to heal and work towards moving on can help us navigate this challenging situation.

Here’s how you can recover from a breakup.

Realise and understand that it's okay to fail.

Whatever the reason for the breakup, the major takeaway is that it's absolutely alright to fail. We acknowledge your experience and emotions. Begin the long and difficult process by recognizing your own mistakes. To heal, embrace your perfectly imperfect self, rebuild self-esteem, and focus on your positive qualities. Surrounding yourself with supportive friends who appreciate you can help you feel better.


Be prepared for highs and lows

Breakups are emotional roller-coasters that bring various emotions within a short span of time. You might feel anger, stress, relief, and find yourself back at square one. Take ample time to process each feeling. Avoid thinking that you don't need to deal with them, as suppressing emotions will only worsen your situation and potentially impact future relationships.

Do not blame yourself

Accept that reaching this stage of being single in the relationship involved the actions of both partners. Despite giving your best, things didn't work out, and there are factors beyond your control. Realizing this will help you understand that getting back together is not an option. The sooner you accept this, the faster your healing process will be. Otherwise, you may find yourself stuck in a limbo, waiting and hoping for your ex to take you back.

Know that it will take time

The aftermath of a breakup is not the time to rush things. Healing is not a race with a set timeline. Pent-up feelings won't disappear overnight, so allow the healing process to unfold naturally. Each person deals with it differently and at their own pace. Focus on yourself and honour your individual journey.


Start focusing on yourself

Avoid wasting time thinking about what your ex is doing. Disconnect from any contact with them, as they may be experiencing their own emotions. Now is the time to focus on yourself and find ways to fill the void in your life. You may or may not need another person for this. It's an opportunity to discover who you truly are without them—a beautiful journey, to say the least.

Don't start hating all things love and relationships

It's okay to feel that you don't want to be with anyone anymore due to the breakup. Give yourself time to grieve, heal, and regain stability. Eventually, you will reach a stage where you trust the most important person in your life—you. When the time is right, you will be in a place to trust someone else with the same level of confidence you have in yourself.