This new pool club in Goa is a must-visit for delectable cuisine and a raging party scene

Sun, sand, and endless pool parties, all under one roof.

27 December, 2023
This new pool club in Goa is a must-visit for delectable cuisine and a raging party scene

There’s a reason why Goa is also known as the country's party capital—it has beckoned travellers from far and wide with the promise of a vivacious nightlife and a diverse fusion of cultures and experiences. Add to that, the ever-evolving culinary scene and we understand the appeal of this tropical state. Given its popularity, Goa evidently has no shortage of restaurants and bars, but what it probably didn’t have until now, is a luxurious pool club like Diaz. 

A dynamic poolside retreat in the heart of Anjuna, Diaz appeals to anyone and everyone looking to revel in the authentic party experience that Goa is known for. Spread across an impressive 30,000 sq. ft., the pool club is packed with a relaxing ambience paired with state-of-the-art amenities and exceptional services. During the day, the club is dressed in mellow tones with a tropical ambience that is perfect for a relaxing getaway. Come sunset, Diaz transforms into an energetic party place replete with toe-tapping Afro-melodic house music and crafty cocktails. 

Diaz Bar Goa

Speaking of cocktails, the bar menu is exactly what one would expect from a pool club in Goa—an expansive menu featuring concoctions from all over the world elevated with house-made syrups and ingredients perfect for fun, crafty, and innovative cocktails. A must-try is the Little Bird—a lemongrass-infused gin mixed with turmeric. But if you’re looking for a strong punch packed with flavour, the Master Sour made with bourbon whisky is the one to go for. 

A perfect companion to the crafty cocktails—apart from the scenic poolside landscape—is Diaz’s delectable al fresco menu. Curated by celebrated chef Ashish Bhasin of CB Hospitality and chef Sushil Multani, the multi-cuisine restaurant boasts a truly diverse menu—think fresh seafood, Italian bites, and some local delicacies like Diaz Beetroot Tartare, Diaz Mezze Platter, and a mouth-watering Diazmisu to name a few. The food, international at heart, gets a Turkish twist that is too good to ignore. Both chef Ashish and chef Sushil’s combined experience of 45 years in the culinary scape, are reflected in the flavours and creativity of each dish served. 

Diaz Pool Club Goa

Recognising the absence of a dedicated pool club in India, owner and founder, Manni Chadha shared his vision to present Goa with a space that echoed the state’s coastal allure with a unique blend of leisure and celebration while also providing guests with an international party experience. “Diaz is not just a pool club; it's a vision brought to life, a testament to the pulse of Goa's vibrant spirit, bringing the magic of a poolside escape to the heart of India.” 

Good music, delectable cuisine, cocktails, and poolside magic, if this is what your ideal day (or night) in Goa sounds like, then Diaz is the place to be.

Address: Diaz, survey no.509 subdivision 1 Gaum, Gumal Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa 403509